In addition to setting dates and time zones for when your giveaways start and end you now also specify the exact time your giveaway should begin accepting entries and when it should cease to accept new entries.

Choose winners at your convenience

Previously all giveaways began when they were published or at 12:00 on the day that they were set to go live. They always ended at 11:59 PM on their end date. Now that you can specify when they start and end it allows you to end a giveaway at a convenient time if you opt to choose a winner right away. No more waiting up until midnight or forgetting that a giveaway ended the day before. (There are automatic emails triggered to remind you when your giveaway has ended as well)

Run limited-time flash giveaways

This new option also allows you to run ‘Flash Giveaways’ where the campaign is only accepting entries for a short period of time (some campaign administrators when giveaways as short as an hour). This short period helps to create buzz quickly and increase the level of urgency for users to enter the giveaway.

Setting hour and minute for a giveaway

To set the hour a minute for the start and end times of a campaign just click on the icon on Step 1. Basic for the date and time. Underneath the calendar there are two sliding bars which allow to select the hour (based on military 0-23 time) and minute (0-59). Adjust these sliding bars to navigate to the correct time.