The goal for building reports for PromoSimple is to simplify your results and make it as easy as possible to view a campaign’s data. Campaigns can gather huge amounts of data from entrants and these reports are designed to display this information in a way that will not overwhelm you.

Reporting dashboard
The highest level report makes it easy to glance at the results of all your campaigns in one view. In seconds you can compare the results of all of your campaigns to see which garnered the most or least entrants and entries. From this dashboard you can also export all details of any campaign for every piece of data submitted for every entry.

Campaign overview report
When you are running a giveaway the most important aspect is finding out how the campaign performed. How many users entered? How many Facebook ‘Likes’ did it generate? Did entrants complete your bonus entries? The campaign overview report is designed to answer all of these questions in seconds. This is also a very easy way to be able to provide a giveaway’s sponsor with a snapshot of how well the campaign performed and how many people were engaged.

There are also additional geographic, daily and total entrant trending graphs included in the campaign overview reports to provide additional data at the campaign level.

Entry detail report
The entry detail report is a view into every data point that was submitted for an entry. This is particularly helpful when you want to quickly view just the data for one aspect of you campaign; for example you only want to see the Twitter names for a Twitter follow entry. This report is also helpful for entries that are Comment Requests or Custom Entries. You can browse through the responses from your entrants without needing to sift through the non-relevant information. If your campaign has multiple sponsors this is an easy way to export only the information relevant to a single entry.

Entrant detail report
Whether you are viewing your giveaway’s winner or just deep diving into the details of your campaign, the campaign entrant report lets you view all of the entries for a single entrant. This report also provides the ability to view any of the entrant’s data that was submitted, including data points like email, IP address, comments and contact information.

While we’ve tried to design these reports to be simple within the PromoSimple interface, you are also able to export all of the currently available reports into a spreadsheet with one click. We are always working on new reports, so if you have suggestions or requests be sure to let us know!