We ran a recent survey to determine how giveaway administrators reach out to potential sponsors and what techniques tend to be most successful in fostering partnerships with brands that are interested in sponsoring reviews and giveaways for bloggers.

We learned that successful giveaway administrators are pitching new sponsors on a very regular basis. They find that including data about how they plan to promote the product, including their website traffic numbers and social media statistics is the best way to get a sponsor’s attention. One aspect that was also identified is the relationship between giveaway administrators that do not send any type of reporting and those that work with the same sponsor more than once.

Giveaway administrators that do not send any reporting to sponsors only work with sponsors more than once 23% of the time versus those who do send reports work with sponsors more than once 50% of the time. By sending reports to your sponsors you can more than double the chances of having repeat partnerships. See how easy it is to view and download reports from PromoSimple.