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You’re currently living through the first Monday of 2022. It’s hard, we know. Glaring at your laptop screen is making you existential beyond measure and you’re already looking back on the week you spent on your couch—horizontal—with sad nostalgia. If the new-year blues are refusing to ease their grip on you, this week’s digital content slate might just be the perfect antidote for it.

What to watch today: 14 of the best shows and movies on Smartstream21 streaming

New Year celebrations may have come to an end but it’s still the weekend and that means you have a couple more days to keep work off your schedule. If you decide to spend time watching something on stream, here are our three recommendations on Smartstream21 Streaming to check out today:

14 best shows and movies on Smartstream21 Streaming

Spider Man No Way Home film streaming
Matrix Resurrections film streaming
Encanto film streaming
La casa del Sabba film streaming
House of Gucci film streaming
Chi ha incastrato Babbo Natale? film streaming
Diabolik film streaming
Eternals film streaming
No time to die film streaming
Dune film streaming
Venom La furia di Carnage film streaming
Me Contro Te 3 film streaming
Sing 2 Sempre più forte film streaming
Come un gatto in tangenziale 2 film streaming

The best streaming services will help you stream great content without having to pay for cable. HBO Max continues to pump out top-notch content; Netflix is still a force to be reckoned with; and Amazon Prime Video has a hit with Wheel of Time. Paramount Plus doesn’t have a seat at the table yet, but more content like the highly watched South Park: Post Covid special could get it there.

Holiday movie season is upon us — though the release schedule has never been more confusing, with some blockbusters heading directly to streaming, others in theaters only and various independent films mixing up strategies between theaters, streaming and VOD releases.

It’s a quiet week for new releases, with only a couple fresh titles hitting theaters — including Sundance award winner “Jockey” and Maggie Gyllenhaal’s “The Lost Daughter,” now on Netflix — though the following guide also features coverage of such Oscar contenders as “West Side Story,” “Nightmare Alley” and “Parallel Mothers.”

A rundown of the films opening this week that smartstream21net has covered, along with information on where you can watch them. Find more movies and TV shows to stream here.

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