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The term “Telecentric Lens” is used, but most people are unfamiliar with it. At least I had never heard of it until I got involved in the industry (sweat). By the way, the notation of the telecentric lens on the homepage of our contact angle meter and tensiometer is the red circle part.

The telecentric lens is the lens used only for the top surface observation devices “A1000T” and “F200T” even in our equipment. It’s a little different from the commonly known lenses, and it makes use of its characteristics. That’s why I’ll start by asking, “What is a telecentric lens?” By the way, the reason for this theme this time is that we have received more and more inquiries about top-level observations as to why we recently introduced the “F200T”. What is asked there … “What’s the difference with telecentric lenses?” I think this is a good question for those who are not familiar with it. So I decided to write it as a column this time.

What is a telecentric lens?
A telecentric lens is a lens that allows the object to be seen in the same size regardless of the position of the object. Some people may have wondered “why?”, So it’s easy, but I’ll explain it …

A typical lens has a unique angle of view, and the farther the object is from the lens, the smaller the image magnification. This can also be said for the human eye, and the depth of the space is felt as a sense of perspective, and objects far away appear small, so their visibility is reduced. It means that the image magnification of the human eye also changes depending on the position of the object. In the case of a telecentric lens, the image magnification is constant regardless of whether the object approaches or moves away from the lens, so the lens looks the same size.

Yes, I’m not sure. I thought that the illustrations would be easier to understand, so I prepared these things.

This one may be transmitted. “Seeing is believing” (sweat). Last but not least, I would like to write about “Why are telecentric lenses used only for top-top observation devices?”, And this time I will end this column.

There are side cameras and top cameras in the top surface observation device, but the telecentric lens is used for the top surface camera. It is used only for the top camera for the following reasons.


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