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Alpha Portable Heater Review

Alpha Heater is a step forward in modern heating solutions capable of uniformly heating a room in about 2 minutes. Heaters are specifically designed to heat rooms, offices and bathrooms quickly without consuming a lot of energy.

This ceramic and small sized personal heating solution is light on the pocket and can be easily purchased in a variety of regions. In addition, the Alpha heater is portable and compact in size for easy placement on bed stands, side tables and small shelves.

Alpha heaters are significantly cheaper, safer and budget-friendly as compared to conventional heating systems. Read this Alpha Heater review to know everything about its features, pricing, functions, unique aspects, and more!

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Alpha Portable Heater

Winter is the perfect time of year to enjoy cozy family time and quiet book reading sessions indoors. However, without a proper and safe heating system available to assist at all times, things can get a bit messy. Well, Alpha Heater is here to solve many such problems of cold weather.

Made in the US, Alpha Heaters are a safe, economical and efficient option for anyone looking to invest in a personal heater that provides reasonably good heating services. Among its many great features, the Alpha Heater’s ability to evenly heat an area within seconds without spending a significant amount of money in exchange for electricity bills certainly attracts many.

The Alpha heater is built to last its users for years to come. In addition, it reduces the average American household’s heating expenses, without compromising slightly on the quality and intensity of heating people receive from them. The Alpha heating unit can easily heat a small personal space of up to 350 square feet. It is both compact and portable for users to easily carry it wherever they go.

Another noticeable feature of the Alpha heater is its beauty which sits well in all rooms and offices and goes great with all kinds of decor. The heater only needs to be plugged into the wall socket and turned on to begin its safe heating operation. Even an amateur who has no prior experience in using heating equipment can work with this heater without any risks.

For homes with already functional heating units, Alpha heaters can be used to heat individual arms and legs in corners where heat is not reaching properly. Actually people are also using this heater in their bathroom.

One can easily buy this innovative heater from the official website of the manufacturers for more than $49 per piece. However, given that the heater only heats a small and limited area, people tend to buy more than one Alpha heater at a time. This has prompted manufacturers to offer many deals and discounts on many of their Alpha heater packages. People can now get multiple Alpha heaters, each of which would cost less than if they had brought them in separately. Below are some more details about this stellar heater, its features, uses, and more!

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Features Alpha Portable Heater

The Alpha Heater is perfect for families who like every corner of their home to be well-heated and comfortable. It can be easily used by elderly people in offices, apartments, condos and washrooms and kitchens in the absence of centralized heating. Some of the notable features of this modern heating unit are as follows:

safe operation

When investing in an affordable and complementary heating option, people put safety as the first and foremost concern. Alpha Heater meets this concern well with its multiple automatic overheating protection and automatic turn off feature which protects the heater from any damage to property as well as humans.

When the heater goes over 122 degrees Fahrenheit, it automatically lowers its temperature to 104 to reduce the risk of overheating. When it’s three times that of 122 Fahrenheit, the heater automatically shuts off. If the heater falls down and falls to the surface, the heating will stop automatically.

quick heating

According to the manufacturers, the Alpha heater can start with the heating process within seconds after it is turned on. Later it takes about 10 minutes to evenly heat the entire room of 250-350 square feet. This is quite impressive compared to the heating time taken by other heating units.

programmable features

Alpha Heater gives its users great control over its working. Anyone can easily adjust the timer as well as work with custom heat settings to ensure the heater operates at the best heating speed for them and how they want.

silent functionality

Unlike other heating units, the Alpha heater does not make a remarkable sound when heated. Users can easily relax and read without the slightest sound interfering with their activities.

energy efficiency

This is another noteworthy feature of the Alpha heater. This comes with minimal load on the electricity bills of the users. Simply put, it doesn’t take more power than a regular hair dryer in an hour. Hence, this heater definitely allows minimal heating expenses without compromising on the quality of heating that the users get.

nano filter

There is nothing more dangerous and dirty than developing rust and mold inside heating units and then transferring these particles throughout the room via hot air. Fortunately, Alpha Heater is able to resist this mess.

The Alpha heater comes with a pre-installed nano filter that can clean and filter dust and other nanoparticles from the air. This keeps the room free of tiny germs as well as pollen and mold when the heater is turned on for long periods of time or regularly throughout the season.

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