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Buddy Buds PRO Uk – Airpods, Best Wireless Earbuds

Music is the food of the soul; that is what music lovers say. However, listening to music from a loud music system is not therapeutic, and some people prefer to have personalized earphones to enjoy their music comfortably. The craze for wireless earbuds has made the demand high, and the market is presently mushrooming with different types of earbuds. Some earbuds are expensive, cheap, wireless, with wires, durable and non–durable, etc. Earbuds are preferred as they can be used while traveling, working out, walking, running, in the presence of others, etc. In the wireless category of earphones,Buddy Buds Pro wireless earphones are regarded as the best in the market currently.

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About Buddy Buds PRO

Buddy Buds PRO is made with the latest wireless technology and is comfortable to the ears. This device can also be connected to other devices on Bluetooth as opposed to attached to outer wires. Other uses are that users can still chat with anyone without the wires. The music produced by the earphones is of very high quality as the earbuds have the following specs –

Bluetooth version 5.1

4 hours playback time without interference

Dual wireless TWS stereo audio power

Compatibility with other IOS and Android systems

BLX Buds providing the best performance in the class of earbuds

Reasonably priced

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Features of Buddy Buds PRO


The Buddy Buds PRO is a lightweight device, weighs just about 50 grams, and has a length of 6 centimeters. The gadget is compact and very attractive.


Buddy Buds PRO comes with a superior and powerful battery. The capacity of the earbuds is 600mAh, and the battery can have a long-lasting running life.

Bluetooth Technology

The earbuds come with a powerful Bluetooth, which begins to operate within 1 second of connectivity time. The Bluetooth connects to any other device.

External Material

Buddy Buds PRO is made of waterproof material that is Hydroponic and Nano coating in appearance.


The gadget has an LED feature that indicates once charging has been completed.

ON/OFF Button

Buddy Buds PRO earbuds are made of advanced technology. The ON/OFF button allows users to connect the device to laptops, tablets, or smart televisions. Also, users can answer or cut calls without using mobile phones.

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How Does Buddy Buds PRO work?

Once the Buddy Buds PRO device is received, the earbuds are switched on and put on charge. Once they are fully charged, they are connected to the ear pods, and the Bluetooth is turned on. A long press on the power button of the earbuds is turned ON, and the earbuds automatically get connected to the device’s Bluetooth. Users can use the available ear pods on the navigation buttons to perform tasks like play, pause, receive calls, etc.

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How to Use Buddy Buds PRO

  • Always charge the earbuds.
  • Always check the manufacturer’s page for any information on the device.
  • Read the instruction manual carefully.
  • Always turn on the Bluetooth device.
  • Always adjust and set to any level of listening.
  • Keep away from children and pets.
  • Store the earbuds inside the provided case when not in use.
  • Ensure that children’s listening levels are kept low to 85 decibels for their wellbeing.
  • Can be worn by both men and women
  • Can be used by both the young and old.

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Benefits of Buddy Buds PRO

  • Stereo Music High Definition Playback: The Buddy Buds PRO produces High definition Stereo-like playback sound in soft bass, diaphragm speaker, and advanced audio coding. This device allows users to adjust the volume of the earbud using a separate audio channel.
  • Supports Phone Calls: This device has built-in microphones which users can use to make or receive calls in noisy surroundings. The built-in microphones increase the adaptability of the Buddy Buds PRO.
  • Compatibility: The Buddy Buds PRO device is compatible with IOS or Android devices as they connect well and function well. This is due to the advanced Bluetooth technology, which also results in low power consumption.
  • Fast Charging: The device charges very fast due to the USB –C connection. Unlike other earbuds, the Buddy Buds PRO takes a very short time to attain full charge. Charging may take 30-50 minutes, but both charger and cable must be the standard Type-C.
  • Long Playtime Hours:The Buddy Buds PRO device has long hours of playtime as the device has an 800mAH mobile charger with a long battery backup of up to 30 hours. Users can enjoy long hours of listening to music.
  • Waterproof: The device is made from approved waterproofing material. The earbuds can withstand water and sweat without causing any damage. This makes the device suitable in all weathers.
  • Wireless Connectivity:The Buddy Buds PRO uses wireless headphones via Bluetooth and the device and can be used anywhere without any interference from any connecting cables.
  • Noise Cancellation: Buddy Buds PRO is designed with a technology that has a noise reduction advantage. This means that users will not hear any external noise when using the earbuds.

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Side effects of using Buddy Buds PRO

There are no side effects while using Buddy Buds PRO

Purchase & Price

The earbuds are only available for sale from the manufacturer’s website. The 50% discounted prices are listed below

1 Buddy Buds PRO at $49.99 with free shipping.

2 Buddy Buds PRO at $91.48 with free shipping.

3 Buddy Buds PRO at $124.98 with free shipping.

Hurry while stocks last. 

Money-Back & Refund Guarantee

The high-quality Buddy Buds PRO device comes with a 100% 14 days money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

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Q: Where are the Buddy Buds Pro earbuds available for purchase?

A: These devices are only available for sale through the manufacturer’s official website. This is meant to ensure that only legitimate products are circulating in the market. 

Q: What is the recommended period to charge the earbuds?

A: There is no recommended period to charge the battery, but users should endeavor to charge the battery when the device is below 20% charge. Naturally, the degradation of the battery will go down, which is a normal occurrence. Always ensure that the battery is fully charged.

Q: Will the setting up process of the device require any expertise?

A: No. The device is very easy to set up, only to unpack and start using.

Q: Can the Buddy Buds PRO device be used during sports or workouts?

A: The earbuds are water-resistant and sweat-resistant, so they can be used during sport without any adverse effects on them or the user.

Q: How is the earbuds’ case designed?

A: The case is designed in a pocket format so that users only plugin and carry on with listening to music. One does not need to carry any extra bag.

Q: Is the online payment process safe?

A: Yes. The online ordering process is safe, risk-free, secure, and private. Nobody can gain access to the system due to the security measures in the process.

Q: Is the device rechargeable on the go?

A: Yes, the device can be recharged on the go.

Q: Will the Buddy Buds PRO be convertible with other mobile phones and gadgets?

A: Yes. The device is compatible with other phones, especially IOS and android, laptops, and Ipads.

Q: Is there an introductory price for the device?

A: Currently, there is a 50% price discount for online purchases, and shipping is made free of any charge.

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Pros of Buddy Buds PRO

  • The device produces high-quality and superior sound.
  • The material used to manufacture the device is of high quality and durable.
  • Buddy Buds PRO is water, rain, and sweat-resistant and can be used in all weather.
  • Not affected by the body’s humidity.
  • Has the latest Bluetooth version 5.
  • The device is portable, light, attractive, and has a compact design.
  • Can be recharged on the go.
  • The device is user-friendly and easy.
  • The parts are not harmful as they do not cause any electrical shock externally.
  • The device cannot cause any physical pain or piercing as there are no external sharp edges.
  • Cheap and affordable for superior quality.
  • Versatility with most devices.
  • Has noise-blocking function with the Active Noise Cancelling Technology.
  • The device comes with complete accessories in a kit during purchase.
  • Long-life standby battery.
  • Wireless USB charging function with LED screen to check on the levels.

Cons of Buddy Buds PRO

  • There are no disadvantages of Buddy Buds PRO.

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Buddy Buds PRO has all that music lovers would like to hear. From the design to the battery life, wireless function, friendly price, noise-canceling, and not forgetting the sound quality are some of the superior benefits to be enjoyed by individuals. There is no more recycling of wired earbuds every so often as Buddy Buds PRO is the way to go. The Buddy Buds PRO earbuds can be used daily and on all occasions. Hurry and get to enjoy the super discounted prices for long-lasting earbuds and let the music play.

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