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What is Cardio Smart Watch?

The Cardio Smart Watch is a smartwatch originally designed for health monitoring, according to the manufacturer. Via sensors, the watch is supposed to, among other things:
• heart rate
• blood pressure and
• sleep rhythm

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Monitor. The watch can thus remain on the wrist throughout the day and provides 24-hour measurement results. You can evaluate the results, for example, to monitor your heart, improve fitness or analyze sleep quality. In addition, the wristwatch has Bleutooth and can therefore be connected to the smartphone.

As a result, calls and messages should also be accessible via the smartwatch. The manufacturer advertises the watch with a 99% compatibility for all iOS and Android devices. The Cardio Smart Watch is powered by batteries. The battery life depends entirely on the respective functions. A USB charging cable is included, so you don’t have to pay anything to charge the battery. The smartwatch has a lot to offer not only for your health, but also for your eyes.

You can choose from wristbands in eight different colors. These include expressive colors like purple, orange or blue. If you want to wear the Cardio Smart Watch in the office, you can also choose from subtle colors like black and white. (The following links in this article are affiliate links. This allows the author to get a small commission when the product is bought. However, the price does not change).

Why do I need this smartwatch?

The manufacturer increasingly advertises the watch’s health monitoring capabilities in the description of the Cardio Smart Watch. Especially the monitoring of the heart health by determining the heart rate, the pulse as well as the blood pressure move into the focus.

The primary target group therefore includes people who want to take more care of their own health. However, the watch can be worn by people of all ages. To achieve correct measurement results, it should be sufficient to wear the watch around the wrist.

There are no other steps to follow in order to take the measurements. Visually, the watch is hardly distinguishable from any other digital wristwatch or smartwatch. Thus, wearing it in the office does not lead to questions about one’s health.

A second target group includes people who are interested in the other features of smartwatches, but are not necessarily interested in the products from Apple and Co. due to the prices. The Cardio Smart Watch offers a cheaper alternative and still includes numerous useful features. These include displaying phone calls and messages on the screen. As well as measuring the ambient temperature, a current weather report or a pedometer.

The handy format of the watch and wearing it on the wrist is also more convenient for many people than using the same apps on a smartphone or tablet. The Cardio Smart Watch is therefore definitely of interest to two different target groups of buyers. Here to the product website to see the discounted prices! Visit the product website here to find the discounted prices!

Cardio Smart Watch rating and recommendation

The Cardio Smart Watch is not powered by a battery, but by a rechargeable battery. Due to the constant measurements in the context of health monitoring, it is necessary to provide a higher energy source. The batteries used in smartwatches are preferably lithium-ion batteries. The energy consumption of these models is limited to the actual use. When the Cardio Smart Watch is not in use, the watch should not consume any more energy and the battery is protected.

One fact to consider with any smartwatch includes the size of the display. With this, it is sometimes appropriate to use other apps and programs to analyze the data obtained. The larger display makes it easier for you to perform analyses and monitor the progress of your fitness. The Cardio Smart Watch is therefore more of a tool that transfers data to other devices via Bluetooth, making it easier to use.

The accuracy of the measurements is also related to wearing the smartwatch. The sensors of the watch must have contact with skin. If the watch sits too loosely on the wrist, it is difficult to take measurements that are always 100% accurate. For this reason, it is important to check the fit of the watch on the wrist, so as not to worry unnecessarily about the measurement results obtained.

Cardio Smart Watch technical facts

• Smartwatch with battery
• Health monitoring through wrist measurement
• Accepting phone calls & text messages
• Other function like step & calorie counter
• Available in 8 colors
• Compatible with Android & iOS via Bluetooth

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What are the Cardio Smart Watch quality features?

The shipping partner for the Cardio Smart Watch is located in Spain. However, it is not known whether this is also the manufacturer’s company site or the place where the smartwatch with health monitoring is manufactured. A right of return is associated with the purchase of the wristwatch.

As a rule, you have 14 days to decide on a return. This period starts from the receipt of the goods and not the order. This gives you the opportunity to check the quality of the watch and make sure that all functions are as desired. If there is reason to complain, you can contact the seller and arrange a return. There are currently no reviews of the Cardio Smart Watch, so you will have to rely a bit on your gut feeling and the first impression of the watch.

General Cardio Smart Watch opinions

The Cardio Smart Watch consists of a smartwatch that is supposed to be able to perform complete health monitoring from the wrist. The sensors on the watch can measure values such as pulse, blood pressure and oxygen levels. These measurements primarily benefit the heart. The results show you whether sporting activities promote heart health or you are subjecting your heart to too much strain.

A second technical aspect corresponds to the connection with the smartphone via Bluetooth. The wristwatch is also supposed to display calls or text messages through this. If you’re out jogging or don’t have your cell phone close by, you can still see who’s trying to reach you by looking at the Cardio Smart Watch. Being reachable in an emergency or not missing important work calls is a second purpose associated with this smartwatch.

Regardless of its use for health monitoring, this wristwatch has many other functions. For example, the watch has a pedometer, temperature indication and sleep quality monitoring. Thus, the watch does not have to be taken off during the night, but can collect further data. Comparable to the cell phone, the Cardio Smart Watch belongs to another of the devices that need to be charged regularly. None of the functions can be used without a battery, which makes the smartwatch very different from other watches in this respect.

In the comments of other buyers about this product, it can be seen that the available health monitoring of the heart and circulatory system was not the only decisive point for the purchase. No less important to some buyers was the selection of colors offered. With no less than eight different colors, the fashion aspect also comes to the fore during the selection process. In addition, some buyers criticize the quality of the wristband. This would quickly show signs of wear, so that the purchase of replacement wristbands becomes an issue faster than desired due to daily wear. The watch itself can still be used. Thus, the replacement is only accompanied by costs for the new wristband. Visit this product website to see more customer reviews!

Where can I order Cardio Smart Watch?

The Cardio Smart Watch is currently only available on the Internet via the product’s website. A purchase via other online retailers like Amazon and Co is not offered. This limits the options for buying the smartwatch, but in return ensures that the ordered watch is really an original Cardio Smart Watch. Smart watches are among the products that are also popular among product pirates. Externally, the watches look like the originals, but they can’t keep up with the expectations of the buyers when comparing the functions.

On the website, you also have the option to choose the color of the smartwatch with health monitoring yourself. You can choose from colors like black, green or pink. You can either choose to buy a single watch or opt for sets with up to ten watches.

If you are still looking for birthday or Christmas gifts, this purchase also gives you the opportunity to save money. The more watches you choose, the lower the purchase price will be. Additionally, the seller currently offers a 50% discount for the purchase of Cardio Smart Watch.

To pay, you can use a credit card or choose to buy via instant bank transfer. Purchase on account or installments are not among the offered payment options. There are no shipping costs associated with the purchase. However, the seller offers you additional services that you can add by clicking on them.

These include:
• Extended warranty periods
• Protective films and
• Strap Packs

The packs contain different wristbands to change. If you don’t like the color anymore, you simply change the wristband. However, the additional services are not a must. If you are not interested in these purchases, you can simply skip this point and continue with payment and entering the shipping data. The transmission of the data is encrypted, so that no foreign access takes place.

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