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1-Click Cloud Based App Create Automated Clickbank Money Making Sites

Ultimate ClickBank Affiliate Software – the easiest way to make money from your ClickBank offers. It fixes all of the issues that cause ClickBank offers to be hard to use.

Stop wasting time thinking about all the complicated factors that are involved in making money online. Instead, focus on what’s important to you and start living life like a pro.

Freedom is what makes ClickBank software so powerful. It gives you the ability to create high-quality websites that are easily ranked by Google.

You can now easily earn and click & earn with their step-by-step software. It’s like clicking & earning without knowing how to do it.

Imagine being able to clone a millionaire SUPER affiliate site in 60 seconds. With this system, you will be able to make 4 figures in just 4 months.

This new software is a great tool for anyone who wants to bank ClickBank affiliate commissions in 1 click.

All the top converting & profitable offers are chosen for you. CB Paydays includes all the necessary steps to get started and all the costs done already done.

CB Paydays includes 20K worth of software that will give you free traffic and lead magnets. It excludes paid ads and domain names.

This is a great opportunity to own a website with affiliate links for under 20 bucks. With their 30 days refund guarantee, act now!

You can clone a successful affiliate’s website and make thousands of dollars a day. Just look at the intel that they’re sharing with their potential customers.

Even if it costs them 10X more than they’re asking, they’re still getting a good deal. Since they’ve been promoting them for years, they’re no-brainers.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my CB Paydays Review for more details.

CB Paydays Review



  • Product: CB Paydays
  • Vendor: Venkatesh Kumar
  • Launch Date: 2021-Dec-26
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $17
  • Official Sales Page: Click here


CB Paydays is a 1 Click App that builds an automated ClickBank money-making site for you. You can start making easy income using this fully automated done for your site. Everything is done for you to profit with no work… 100% Fully Done For You and are just 1-click away.

It DOES NOT require any marketing experience. Its easy for anyone to use. Its turnkey and the first fully automated done-for-you ClickBank products money site builder ever made. It has everything that makes a successful CB site, including: preloaded sites with new daily reviews (that converts), videos, bonuses, post to FB auto posts… everything is done for you no work at all.

CB Paydays delivers the most effective automated ClickBank money making solution in the market. 1-click and your site is ready-to ClickBank products are pre-loaded, fresh reviews, bonuses, videos and even banners are posted to your site 100% automatically. This means you can focus only on promoting and letting their software do the rest of the work for you. A good fit for people who doesn’t have time to keep up with content, or want a fully done for you automated site.

Read more in my CB Paydays Reviews.


Fully Automatized Software

To have an amazing life, focus on what makes you happy and feel like you’ve attained freedom. This means focusing on the things that make you happy and not on what you work on.

​Easy To Use & Fast Implementation

It’s always a bit challenging to use softwares properly, especially when it comes to complex interfaces and language. This is why many of the best softwares now offer an improved user interface.

​Click & Earn. Put Your Income on 100% Automatization

The software will automatically generate a list of websites that will get ranked high by Google, and it will also increase your ClickBank funds.

​Free Hosting & Domains are Included:

You will get Free hosting & domains for lifetime. This is a great deal for anyone who is looking to save money.

Click & Earn. Put Your Income on 100% Automatization

This is a limited time offer. You can pay once and use forever. No monthly fee for lifetime.

It Works On Any Devices

CB Paydays is available on various devices. You can access it from anywhere you want, without having to download or install any software.

Get Unique & High Quality Content

This service will help you get high quality content for your website. It will automatically publish and publish all your articles.

Self Updating Content

Your ClickBank review sites are updated with fresh content each day.

Monetise By Widgets, Sides Banners & Ads CLicks

You can monetise your site by creating interactive site banners and widgets, which can be placed in various places such as sidebars, site banners, and adsense links.

Fully Optimsed SEO Site For 1st Page Ranking

Your ClickBank Site is 100% optimized for Google #1 ranking. It can also rank well across all major search engines.

​100% Automated Sites

These sites are 100% automated and work on autopilot. They can generate Pre-Loaded websites that are optimized for making money online.

In Built Optin Form

You can build your list on autopilot. With this method, you can collect leads everyday.

4 Figure Per Day Training

This training will teach you how to use Autopilot to make money on Autopilot. You will also learn how to maximize your earning with CB Paydays.

Variety Of Template

This template will help you create a fresh and unique review site for your clickbank. It’s fully automated and ready to use.

  • Step#1: Simply register and enter your affiliate ID to receive commissions
  • Step#2: You can instantly create one of the Fully-Created For-you Affiliate Campaigns that includes high-ranking content, review & affiliate links.
  • Step#3: CB Paydays will generate and post high-quality content for you so that you can increase your ClickBank funds overnight.

CB Paydays Review


With CB Paydays, you can now enjoy automatic clicks from your own hosted ClickBank site. It’s a great tool for marketers who are looking to make more money from their clicks.

This is the ultimate guide for anyone who wants to make money from affiliate campaigns in 2021. It features the most profitable campaigns in 2021.

The CB Paydays app is the easiest way to get started in the lucrative world of ClickBank affiliates. The 1-click app has everything ready for you, including traffic and commission tracking. Drag and drop content onto your site, and start earning passive income with ease! This app has a 24/7 virtual assistant who will post new top converting products. With this done-for-you system, you can focus on other important aspects of your business while your sites continue to earn you easy money with minimal maintenance.

It is a done-for-you, turnkey ClickBank profit builder. The app is simple and easy to use, a massive time saver. The app builds sites and posts them to ClickBank based on the templates you choose. You get fresh new content such as videos, bonuses, reviews, and much more daily. There’s nothing else in the marketplace like this right now: you can create an entire site in a matter of minutes with no work at all. With the CB Paydays App, you can earn passive income month after month without doing any extra work.

To be honest, thank you for reading my CB Paydays Review! See you later.

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