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What Exactly Is CourseReel?

CourseReel is a cloud-based video-course creation app that turns your voice or any kind of audio-recording into a proper video with slides, text, design, voice-over, sync and more, automatically added and ready to customize in minutes.

Creating video courses has never been this easy. All you have to do is upload your thoughts as an audio recording, text or even as an old video and the A.I. transcribes it and converts it into fully customisable video with slides, text, images, background and more added automatically.

It comes with a Camtasia-style timeline based advanced video editor to easily customise and add that WOW-factor to your videos and instantly create and share your videos.

Heck, you can even copy-paste content into CourseReel and it’ll turn that into a video. Rinse-n-Repeat this a few times and you’ll have a video course ready in minutes.

With CourseReel you can,

  • Create video courses without being an expert
  • Create review videos for affiliate marketing
  • Create videos for your YouTube channel
  • Create video courses for local business.
  • Create video sales letters for video courses
  • Create 50 videos every day
  • Create stunning HD videos in minutes
  • Add video clips in your videos
  • Create & sell your video course
  • Full rights to your videos – no watermark
  • Get Commercial rights – sell your courses anywhere
  • Record your audio inside the dashboard
  • Upload a video & use the audio in the video to create new video
  • Upload your audio recorded on phone to create videos
  • Automatically add voice-overs to your video courses
  • Create video courses in multi-language like: English, Spanish, French & Hindi
  • Choose from millions of images to customize your videos
  • Choose from 1000s of background music.

How Does CourseReel Work?

In this section of CourseReel Review, I am going to show you how you can use Course Reel to create VSLs, video courses, video ads or pretty much any kind of video using just your voice by re-purposing a different video or an audio file or just copy pasting some text.

Atfirst you need to login to your CourseReel dashboard and there you can see three [3] ways to create different kind of videos.

No.1) You can Copy paste your script and text that you have OR
No.2) Record right from inside the dashboard OR
No.3) Upload ANY video and CourseReel will extract the audio from it and use that.


For this review purpose, I am showing you how to create videos by Copy-Pasting my Script or any text. Just follow all the steps below.

Step #1 (Add Scripts/Text or Video):

Login to your CourseReel dashboard and click on “Write & Create”.


Next, you can see a form where you can Copy paste your script and text that you have.

Then click “Create”.


Step #2 (Convert):

CourseReel A.I. will convert that into multiple slides with text, background, images and more pre-added.


Step #3 (Customize):

Next, customize your slide, format the text, add image or even add video clips anywhere using the easy to use ReelEngine timeline based video editor.


Step #4 (Render):

Finally, when you done Editing the way you want, click on Render and the video will start rendering and they’ll be ready for you to download within few minutes.


You can check all your Done projects under “Project” section.

CourseReel Returns

CourseReel Review – Features & Benefits:

Creates True High Quality Videos:

CourseReel will deliver you true HD quality for every single video you create inside the app. This way your videos look crisp and amazing without your prospects having to squint at the screen.

Create 100 Videos A Week Without Any Hassle:

You’ll get the ability to pump out 100 videos a week with CourseReel. That’s normally 400 videos a month or even 5,200 videos in a year.

Record Your Audio Inside The App:

CourseReel truly is a one stop shop when it comes to turning audio into video. It’s as simple as clicking the record button in Course Reel and letting CourseReel do the rest.

Once you’re done, Course Reel will give you a transcribed version of your audio that you can now use to create a video inside of Course Reel.

Upload A Video & Use It’s Audio To Create New Video:

Take any video you have access to and upload it to CourseReel. It will extract the audio and turn it into text so you can use it as a starting point for your own video courses and videos asap.

Upload Your Audio To Create Videos:

Although you could record your audio inside of CourseReel, there’s also an option to upload any audio files you may have as well. If you have old podcasts, or any other audio recordings, you could use these to create brand new videos.

Create Videos Up to 20 Minutes Long:

Every single video you create with CourseReel can be 20 minutes max. When you add that to the 100 videos per week, you’ve 34 hour’s worth of video time.

Dynamic Text To Speech Options In Different Voice Accents:

By using the text to speech realistic voices included with CourseReel, you can create amazing videos quickly without uttering a single word.

Choose From Millions Of Images To Use In Slides:

CourseReel also integrates with some of the best stock image sites online (you’ll need to check the license for use). This is perfect for adding a visual touch to any video.

Share Your Videos On Facebook:

Just by adding video to Facebook, you can multiply your shares, traffic, and profits in less time than it would normally take. Plus, having the option to send your video straight to Facebook is a huge productivity boost too. Just create, edit, and export to the site of your choosing and watch the traffic roll in.

Course Reel iPhone & Android App:

Doesn’t matter if it’s the latest iPhone or your Galaxy Tablet. With this app, you can take the power of CourseReel with you wherever you go.

200 Minutes Transcription Included:

Course Reel allows you 200 minutes of transcription for all your videos on their lighting fast servers. This is more than enough for some.

100% Cloud Based:

CourseReel is 100% Cloud based software. You can access it from anywhere, on Mac, Windows, or iPad.

Directly Upload To YouTube:

You’ll also be able to upload as many videos as you want directly from CourseReel to your YouTube account.

Connect 50 YouTube Channels:

You will get the ability to use CourseReel with 50 YouTube channels. Just create your videos inside of Course Reel and send them to whatever YouTube channel you like with a single click.

Add Your Own Logo & Watermark:

To increase your branding, you can also add your own logos and watermark to any of your videos. If you have multiple companies, you can add multiple logos and watermarks as well.

Access To Image Library With 50,000+ Images:

Besides the option to access multiple Stock Images sites, Course Reel also has over 50,000 images included in its personal library that are handpicked by the CourseReel team.

Access To Video Library With 10,000+ Video-clips:

There are over 10,000 royalty free video clips included so you always know there’s a video clip to go with just about any video you could ever create.

Music Library With 1,000+ Background Music:

You also get 1000s background music tracks included with your CourseReel purchase today.

Access To 100+ Fonts:

They’ve included 100+ fonts with CourseReel so your videos will always be able to stand out.

100% Approved & Whitehat Software:

Every component in the software is fully vetted and compliant. You can use it for all your business needs with total peace of mind.

Commercial License:

You are getting a commercial license with your investment in CourseReel at no additional charge today.

This option allows you to use Course Reel to make money by selling your video creations to offline and online businesses. You could even have people create their own audio and you turn it into video for them for a fee.

CourseReel Fast Start Training Hub:

You will get step-by-step video training and PDF guides to help you get up and running as fast as possible.

CourseReel Returns review

Get OTO or Upsells Info…


CourseReel Review – Is There Any Upsells Or OTOs?

Yes, there are currently 5 optional OTOs or upgrades. You don’t really need all of them to use CourseReel, but they might come in useful depending on your situation and usage.

OTO/Upsell #1 >> CourseReel Unlimited – $67 Only.

Unlock features to create unlimited videos, add studio quality animation & sell them for 100% profits using your own e-learning portal.

Check Marketpresso OTO1

Check All The Key Features Of This Upgrade,

[+] Get rid of the 50 videos per week limit and now create unlimited videos

[+] Create unlimited video courses. No restrictions.

[+] Create stunning looking true hd 1080p videos – 60 minutes in length

[+] Trimreel video resize feature for Instagram & Tiktok videos

[+] Create square or vertical – any size of videos you want

[+] 75+ animations styles for your animated videos

[+] Add over 65 video transitions styles on all your videos

[+] Post & share your videos & clips on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram & Tiktok

[+] Schedule and publish as many videos and video courses as you want.

[+] With the Coursereel unlimited, all your videos are set to high-priority cloud-rendering.

[+] As a special add-on today, you’re also getting access to their e-learning platform “Acadeable” to host unlimited video courses

[+] Enjoy fast track & priority support + priority rendering.


OTO/Upsell #2 >> CourseReel DFY – $197 Only.

With the “CourseReel Done-For-You” Upgrade, you sit back and relax while the CourseReel team literally do all the setup and video creation grunt work for you.

Check Marketpresso OTO1

Check All The Key Features Of This Upgrade,

  • They’ll do custom setup of your Course Reel
  • They’ll create & give you 10 video-course done-for-you
  • They’ll do niche research for these courses
  • They’ll create the course videos
  • They’ll record everything for the course
  • They’ll create a video course from your recording
  • One-on-one email support + training
  • They’ll publish your course on Udemy.


OTO/Upsell #3 >> CourseReel International – $67 Only.

CourseReel International lets you instantly translate your videos and video courses into 100s of different language and reach much wider global audience and sell more.

Check Marketpresso OTO1

Check All The Key Features Of This Upgrade,

[+] In just a click, translate your existing videos into any language you want and get more sales internationally. 100+ Languages supports.

[+] Add an international voice-over to all your videos. Pick from 20 different languages and sell more video courses.

[+] Supported languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Turkish.

[+] Each language comes with at least 2 different voice-accents, in male and female accents.

[+] Pick from 50 different voice-over accents, sound as “local” as you need and build more trust.


OTO/Upsell #4 >> CourseReel Business – $59 Only.

Start Your Very Own Video-course-creation Agency Done-for-you Setup With Whitelabel.

With the CourseReel Business, you will get full business features including a custom done-for-you professional looking YouTube Business Website with custom checkout.

Check Marketpresso OTO1

Check All The Key Features Of This Upgrade,

  • Agency license with whitelabel rebranding
  • Create virtual & team member accounts
  • Beautiful Agency website setup for you
  • DFY 5 year webhosting plan included
  • Custom Paypal checkout integration
  • Allow clients to schedule appointments
  • All pages created with content
  • Add featured samples of services offered
  • Add clients testimonial
  • Create special view-only access for your clients
  • Ready-made client contracts
  • Bonus: DFY print-ready graphics
  • Bonus: 100 DFY lead magnets to land agency clients
  • Bonus: DFY Facebook ads to sell your services
  • With the DFY Reseller license you can resell CourseReel & get 100% commission.


OTO/Upsell #5 >> PlayerNeos PRO – $47 Only.

PlayerNeos is a cloud based interactive-video creator that helps turn any ordinary video into a sales machine.

Check Marketpresso OTO1

Check All The Key Features Of This Upgrade,

[+] Create custom video players that can be embedded anywhere

[+] Add enticing buy now buttons & call-to-actions

[+] Bypass the annoying auto-play disable issue in chrome and firefox

[+] Add custom autoresponder forms on your videos with just 1 click

[+] Inject scarcity with countdown timers on your videos

[+] Add logos, timed pop ups, menu buttons, choose from unlimited eye-catching player design

[+] Add custom text & branding

[+] Enjoy free bandwidth, up to 500 players, & unlimited edits

[+] Go viral by adding social sharing icons (Facebook, twitter and linkedin)

[+] Round-the-clock, & friendly customer support.


CourseReel Review “Why Should You Get This?”

Video content is King but creating genuinely useful and high engaging videos isn’t easy.

See, Internet is nothing but a video repository. If you’re trying to do “Internet marketing” without videos, you’re not going to go far.

This is where CourseReel steps in and helps you quickly and easily turn your free time into 100s of usable videos that you can create and publish across social media in minutes using it’s powerful Camtasia-Style cloud-based video editor.

Simply record audio or copy-paste text and CourseReel will convert it into a video that you can instantly publish on YouTube and Facebook or sell to your clients.

Check Some Cool Reasons to Get CourseReel Today:

[+] Creating video courses is the fastest way to make money online, especially during the pandemic of 2020 when everyone is working online and looking to learn new skills.

[+] You don’t need to be an expert to create a course. Copy-Paste text from websites or simply record an audio and CourseReel converts that into a video.

[+] Pick a topic. Use your phone to record yourself speaking about any topic. Upload the audio and CourseReel will convert it into text, break it down into slides, add styling, add images/video clips and the first chapter of your video course is ready. Rinse and repeat.

[+] Works by adding other videos you didn’t even create yourself

[+] Stack your profits by creating in demand courses quickly

[+] Help local businesses such as restaurants and health clubs (fitness, yoga etc) by turning their knowledge into a video-course they can sell. Charge a fee plus commission to do this for them.

[+] Easy to use, cloud-based video editor. Nothing to download or install. Login and start creating videos.

[+] No need to run ads or generate traffic if you have a video course. Websites likes Udemy and Coursera etc. send free traffic when publishing your course.

[+] WYSIWYG timeline based advanced yet easy to use video editor, as powerful and customisable as any desktop video editor (camtasia).

[+] Tap into the huge billion dollar e learning industry & get your share.

[+] Create Video Courses, Video Sales letters, Product Review Videos, Profitable YouTube Channels, Local Marketing videos and so much more with Course Reel.

[+] Apps like Camtasia cost over $300 and need a powerful computer to run. CourseReel is currently available for fraction of the price and works from any device, even your iPad.

[+] Build profitable email lists fast by offering videos the market craves.


Here, the best thing is that it comes with complete 14 days money back guarantee that lets you simply buy this next generation video course builder without any risk.

Further, currently Course Reel is available at an amazing early bird offer price so what the heck you are waiting for? Just grab your copy of CourseReel right now from this review and start feeling the difference.

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profilemate review

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