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High elves have a very long history in World of Warcraft. They usually have fair skin and blue WOW Classic Gold eyes. As described in Tolkien’s novels, high elves are usually born archers and mages. Blizzard first introduced the Elf race in Warcraft 2, and its hero unit is the famous Alleria Windrunner. For the old players of World of Warcraft, the high elves have always been the iconic race of the alliance, just like the status of the orc race in the Horde.

The high elves were genocated in Warcraft 3. The culprit of this action was Arthas, one of the biggest villains in the game. His goal was to become the Lich King. In World of Warcraft, a small number of survivors choose to quit Alliance and join the Horde, and they call themselves blood elves. They became neighbors with Forsaken in the Horde and became more and more evil. They would madly kill the soldiers of the alliance.

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