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Please, Free Me From The Bad Takes About China’s Gaming Restrictions
17 hours ago · But in a country with roughly 720 million gamers (roughly twice the U.S. population), the context behind the recent gaming restrictions placed on Chinese…
Facebook enters the fantasy gaming market
23 hours ago · Facebook is getting into fantasy sports and other types of fantasy games. The company this morning announced the launch of Facebook Fantasy Games in the…
In the metaverse, will big gaming eventually become big tech?
The Economist
PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 later this year and thrilled
PlayStation Plus members are able to pick up the PlayStation
The game is planned for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation
Microsoft is hiring new software engineers to help create
The PS5 console was released over six months ago
Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch players will need to link their
Nitro 5’s magic trick is hiding a powerful mid-range gaming laptop
Xbox Game Pass has emerged as a stand-out among the various | LYRIC…
Paper Calls For Greater Gaming Data Collection Scrutiny
42 mins ago · There are echoes of this “good v greedy” narrative in the way Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games, creator of “Fortnite”, an online-gaming phenomenon, talks…
Why Netflix’s Expansion Into Gaming Is (Not) A Good Strategy
2 hours ago · Second, video games don’t fit Netflix’s core competence. Netflix is a single-product company that is extremely good at doing what it does: offering a large…
China Limits Children To 3 Hours Per Week For Online Gaming
The Onion
20 hours ago · China has set its harshest restriction on the gaming industry to date, banning children from playing online games for more than three hours a week,…
What’s behind China’s new online gaming restrictions for kids?
CBS News
1 hour ago · Hong Kong — China’s crackdown on online video gaming was in effect Thursday. Everyone in the country under the age of 18 — more than 268 million people,…Past 24 hours
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Bragg’s Wild Streak Gaming Extends Deal with Sega Sammy Creation
Business Wire
2 hours ago · (“Sega Sammy”) for two additional slot games. “We’re pleased to extend our agreement to bring two more high-performing titles to our casino audiences, where we…
Enjoy Online Gaming? Turn Your Passion Into a Side Hustle With These 5 Options
The global Console Market research report thoroughly
PC enthusiast with a passion of hate for games built around
Multiplayer titles have benefited in the past from launching
Great moments in PC gaming are bite-sized celebrations
Games like PUBG and Ludo King have helped transform gaming
Detonator is a game catalyst that operates outside the major
Typically waits to reveal the next free PlayStation Plus games on the last
Opened up games on the PlayStation to cross-platform online
Xbox and PlayStation versions of Lost Judgment will come with next-gen – butukkiu | Games | Vingle, Interest Network
18 hours ago · By playing word and arcade games through their site, you earn credits known as “Swagbucks,” which you can redeem in the form of Amazon gift cards, coupon codes…
Will China’s Latest Gaming Crackdown Hurt These 3 Stocks?
The Motley Fool
2 hours ago · China’s top gaming stocks recently tumbled after Chinese government regulators tightened video game playtime restrictions for minors again.
TimTheTatman, one of Twitch’s biggest streamers, moves to YouTube Gaming
The Verge
21 hours ago · Tim “TimTheTatMan” Betar, one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, is leaving to stream exclusively on YouTube Gaming. His move comes just days after…
The Evolution of Gaming | Texas Tech Today | TTU
Texas Tech Today
19 hours ago · From a family affair, to ‘no girls allowed’ to ‘all are welcome,’ the gaming industry has constantly redefined who is considered a ‘gamer.’.
Gaming Video Content Keeps Growing, with Influencers Doing the Heavy Lifting
19 hours ago · Gaming content is exploding. And what was once purely a niche culture has become far more mainstream as the gaming industry has branched out into esports,…
Ten New Eye-Catching Games That Deserve Your Attention
22 hours ago · The Indie Houses is a new initiative from a collection of seven independent games publishers, working together to better support one another, and help gain…
The emotional rollercoaster of retro gaming magazine collecting
37 mins ago · In 2013, I was just starting to really get paid to write about video games. Video game magazines were drying up, but I wanted to know about the history of…
Column: The sexist culture of gaming
The Ithacan
22 hours ago · Video games have long been associated with masculine norms. Due to this culture of perceived masculinity, women who want to break into the hobby and the…
Best Internet Connection for Gaming
Franchise Hound
8 hours ago · A slow internet connection is something a gamer cannot compromise on. Sluggish internet gives you a poor gaming experience that no one wants.

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