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Getting into the Game – An Introduction to Paintball

Paintball is a highly active and addictive sport that many individuals are becoming more and more involved with. Unlike many other sports where being tall as an oak or strong as an ox gives you a huge advantage, in paintball the playing field is much more evenly spread. While the most common courses are outside, there are also inside paintball courses, as well. In a game of paintball, there are almost always two teams that are evenly divided. Each player gets a paint gun and then the two teams play-often the old childhood game of capture the flag is a perfect scenario for a game of paintball. Paintball Advisors Paintball Equipment Guides Blog is a website that specializes in providing paintball equipment guides. Give you the best gear and equipment for your paintball game

The game of paintball itself is simple. Your team needs to guard your flag while trying to capture your opponent's flag. Instead of tagging each other, you shoot with the paintball guns. If you are hit with a paintball and it breaks, then you are eliminated. There will be referees to call you as at or still in. The paintball does have to splat. If it hits you and doesn't break for whatever reason, you're still in the game. The paintballs are approximately marble sized with a hard shell on the outside and soft paint in the middle (think of how M&Ms are advertised). The outside shell allows the paint to travel much longer distances, which allows for a much more enjoyable and challenging game. Most players will get hit a few times in a day. While there is a slight sting that might cause a minor red mark, the paint balls really do not hurt and are far, FAR safer and less painful than getting hit by a bb or pellet gun. Paintball gives the excitement of a combat game without any of the danger.

In paintball there are some mistakes that beginners commonly make, which is nothing to be ashamed of, but here are some tips to help out. The first rule, the golden rule, in fact, of paintball is this: NEVER take off your protective mask. The only danger from a paintball game is if you take off your goggles and get shot in the eye. Never remove your facial protection unless you are off the field in a specifically designated area.

Beyond that obvious safety tip, here are several helpful tips that you should know before you go to a paintball game for the first time:

Wear darker clothes, don't wear white. White is too bright, you will get killed. Paintball Advisors carry everything from combat suits to safety goggles and more paintball gear. The mission of Paintball Advisors is to provide an online resource for all things paintball-related, including reviews, tutorials, guides and more.

Wear some type of comfortable footwear. Preferably boot or comfortable shoes, something that you don't mind wearing in the woods.

Good sportsmanship: always be honest. If you get splat and the ref doesn't see, raise your hand for all to see and walk off. This is a sport where players are very open to newbies, but also very competitive: and they don't like cheaters.

Avoid tunnel vision. It is so easy to get focused on what's straight ahead that many beginning players get shot from the side without even realizing they're getting flanked.

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