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Full-time training on JD programs lasts 3 years. During this time, students receive a comprehensive and fundamental legal education.

In the 1st year, students study legal writing, contracts, offenses, criminal law, constitutional law, etc.

In their second year, law school students receive maximum practical experience. At this stage, students are faced with the famous Socratic method, which is used in its pure form only in American law schools and attracts students from all over the world. The methodology consists in the fact that students study real court cases and legal issues, and the teachers do not so much explain something to the students themselves, as they conduct a dialogue with them and ask questions. Due to this approach, the student develops legal thinking, develops logic, determines his own methods of collecting evidence, building a line of defense or accusation.

Through teaching the Socratic Method and participating in mock trials in the 2nd year, students can gain a unique hands-on experience. Based on this experience, at the end of the 2nd year, students begin looking for an internship. Often it is this very place that subsequently becomes the first place of permanent work of a young lawyer after graduation.

In the 3rd year, students identify with those areas of law that interest them most and choose electives. For example, you can study in depth international law, immigration law, antitrust law, or intellectual property law. In addition, in the 3rd year, students undergo an internship, are looking for a job and prepare for the final exam.

After completing the study program, students take a specialized and very difficult legal exam ( bar exam ), which shows whether the graduate is ready for professional legal practice. Of course, to get to this exam you need to go a long way in which there is no place for ignorance. And if you come across a situation in which you do not know how to solve the problem, contact essay help .

How to get into US law school?
If you are going to study to become a lawyer in America, it is important to know in advance how to apply to the university, and what subjects you need to take to become a lawyer.

To enroll in an American School of Law, a student must submit the following documents:

bachelor’s degree (4 years of study) from a university or college
LSAT exam result
2 letters of recommendation from teachers in the last place of study
TOEFL / IELTS language exam certificate
bank statement confirming solvency
Some law schools also require a resume and / or motivational essay to apply. If you understand that you may have problems with this and you do not want to lose the opportunity to enroll, contact the experts for help.

The process of applying for a lawyer in the United States is long and complex. Two important features distinguish it from admission to other specialties.

First, in most cases, you will need to register with the Credential Assembly Service (CAS) to enroll in law school . It is a nationwide platform that organizes students to enroll in US law schools. Through the same system, documents are submitted to law schools. CAS registration is compulsory for most schools, but some schools also accept student documents directly. You need to pay $ 200 to register with CAS, and then it will cost $ 35 to send your documents to each law school.

Secondly, a prerequisite for admission to a law school in the United States is to successfully pass the LSAT exam. This is a challenging, comprehensive test that is conducted 4 times a year around the world and lasts half a day. Despite the fact that the test is designed for people who have never studied law, it is difficult to pass it. The LSAT tests reading and word processing skills and determines how prepared a student is to study at a law school. The exam consists of topics such as logical thinking, reading comprehension, analytical thinking, and written reasoning. Because LSAT scores play a critical role in law school enrollment, in a highly competitive environment, many students spend months preparing for the test and even take special LSAT preparation courses.


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