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How to Write a Successful Exploratory Essay

An exploratory essay is concentrated on the process of investigation more than on the results of it. It means you start writing without knowing where your writing will end. The main goal of the author is not to show his or her knowledge of the topic, but widen his or her vision throughout the essay. Simply speaking, you need to set questions and find the answers. You are completely free to use rhetorical questions here. However, you need to find the answers! So, don’t forget that the more questions you set, the more answers you get.

What Topic to Choose

Choosing a topic for an exploratory essay is very easy – you can choose whatever you want. Any topic that is interesting and unknown, just anything you like. According to the experts from statistics homework answers service you don’t need to know the topic well, you are going to explore it, so enjoy your freedom! Make the overview of the points of view on the topic and represent the arguments. Your task is to be completely unbiased and demonstrate different opinions available on the topic.

Two Main Ways to Organize an Exploratory Essay

There are two main ways of organizing an exploratory essay:

  • a chronological representation of the stages of your research
  • retrospective view on the research, which is already finished

Both are equally used and popular, but there are certain slight differences. Chronological representation is great to underline immediacy, while a retrospective view looks like more artistically designed. Thus, if you want to represent the flow of your mind, choose a chronological representation. However, if you want to make your essay more distinctive, retrospective view would be better.

Investigation Is Everything, Results Are Not Important

Exploratory essays are often philosophical and dialectical, they produce weak and strong sides of the subject of the topic. Therefore, your task is to provide different points of view and various examples. Facts and opinions, as well as advantages and disadvantages are very important for the exploratory essay, too.

Just let your mind flow, when exploring a new topic and discovering all possible edges of a new subject. Again, feel free to formulate questions and find the answers, your professors are going to appreciate creative questioning. Remember, exploratory essays are often used to evaluate the language students use in their essay, so pay additional attention to your language and transitions.


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