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Are you receiving decent achievements with your list?

No one can deny that email marketing brings 4,2% in ROI, but not every method generates that number.

It is a reality that is difficult to find a sure-shot way to enter the game.

That is when I found LeadBuster.

Thanks to Simon Warner, I get the results I wanted

If you buy it through my referral link, I will give you a special reward from me. This reward will help you earn more money when combined with LeadBuster.

LeadBuster Review – Overview


Product name LeadBuster
Vendor Simon Warner
Front-end price $47
Release Date 2021-Dec-13
Release Time 11:00 EST
Niche Video
Recommended Very High
Skill levels needed No need any skills
Support Effective Response
Bonuses Mega 300 Bonuses Value At $198,200
Refund 14 Day Money Back Guarantee  

LeadBuster Review – What is it?

LeadBuster is using the next-gen technology in capturing leads with interactive videos that grow your list and increase profit margin day in day out.


Who Should Use It?

Generally, LeadBuster is a MUST-HAVE item for:

♦ Affiliate Marketers

♦ Marketers

♦ Com + Amazon

♦ Freelancers

♦ Website Owners

♦ Social Media Marketers

♦ Local businesses

♦ Any other kinds of online business

Pros and Cons


✅ No Tech Experience Needed: Works straight out of the box with push button simplicity.

✅ 100% Cloud-Based: No Software To Install. Access Anywhere. Anytime.

✅ 3rd Grade Easy: Make captivating, eye-catching, attention-grabbing interactive video lead-capture forms in just a few clicks.

✅ Get More Leads Stick it to iOS with interactive video lead capture that converts like gangbusters & captures & retargets to your customers on autopilot.

✅ Take Back Control Of Your Customers: With smart retargeting & Facebook tracking pixels – you’ll never lose a customer or a sale ever again.

✅ Sell LeadBusters Like Gangbusters! Commercial Licence INCLUDED: Use for yourself AND sell LeadBuster lead-capture videos & lead services onto others for easy profit. (Their users have already made more than $2.5 million!)

✅ 14 Day Money Back Guarantee


❌ No Cons Found.


LeadBuster has 1 Front-end & 4 OTOs:

– Front-end: LeadBuster ($47) (See Details)


– OTO1: LeadBuster Bundle Offer ($227) (See Details)

Complete Package of All LeadBuster Products for A Low One-Time Fee – Get 60% Off.

LeadBuster: The World’s First Video Lead-Capture Automation System! (Value: $67 Per Month)

Bring Your Lead-Capture To Life With Amazing Interactive Lead-Capture Videos – With Mind-Blowing Visuals And Magical Cinematic Effects That Will Drive You More Leads, Sales And RESALES – On Your Any Site, Store Or Social Media Platform. With Included & Automatic Pixel Tracking.

The Brand New, Smarter Way To Convert, Capture And Remarket To Your Visitors.

Giving You Back Control Of Your Customers & Protect Your Business & Your Profits Against iOS Tracking Crackdowns.

Exclusive Upgrade 1: LeadBuster Automation Suite (Worth $297)

Turn 70% Of Your Video Views Into Paying Customers With Your All-In-One Automated Customer Interaction Suite.

Which Will Take All The Time & Effort Out Of Your Customer Communications & Monetizing Your Every Lead.

Making ALL Your Customer Interactions Profitable, Fast & Easy Via: Email. SMS. Voice.

Automation Suite Is Your All-In-One Automation Platform. Automating ALL Your Communications.

Automation Suite is a powerful toolset that automates the flow of interaction with your customers via:

  • Voice Calls: Send personalized calls via web interface or API.
  • Drips Flows: Boost your conversions by automating the flow of interaction with your customers.
  • SMS Text: Receive and Send personalized transactional and promotional SMS.
  • ​Email Campaigns: Send marketing and transactional emails via our interface or API.

After realizing no one else had created an affordable and effective all-in-one automated solution for monetizing leads – they decided to take on this challenge ourselves.

Including voice messages, IVR calls, SMS text updates, and email services; into one easy-to-use, all-in-one automation system.

Automation Suite is so easy to use with an interface so simple, powerful and user-friendly, it offers unparalleled ways to milk the most money out of your every lead with ZERO effort.

With LeadBuster’s Automation Suite, You Can Start Connecting With Customers In Any Channel, At Any Time, Anywhere. Automation Suite Takes ALL The Pain Out Of Engaging With Customers.

With A Whole Host Of Tools To Automate Your Every Communication With Your Every Lead – Like SMS chat centers, Test campaigns, IVR, call transfers, email services, URL shorteners and so much more.

Making your communication faster, easier, and turning a ton more of those communications into paydays.

Exclusive Upgrade 2: LeadBuster Creation Suite (Worth $197)

Unlimited Templates With Limitless Template Generator & A Whole Host Of Pro Features:

Get Unlimited Access To More Than 1 MILLION Unique Templates With Their One Of A Kind Template Generator.

With Unlimited Combinations, You’ll Be Able To Make & Sell Unlimited Lead Capture Videos To Anyone INSTANTLY.

And With A Whole Host Of Extra Pro Cinematic Features, You’ll Be Getting More Money & Leads In Your Pocket For Every Video You Make!

  • Explode Your Client Base And Be Able To Sell Interactive Lead Capture Videos To Anyone – Instantly.
  • Get A Limitless Supply Of Perfect Lead Capture Video Templates – All Pre-Loaded Inside Your LeadBuster Dashboard.
  • Any Niche, Any Purpose, Any Time.
  • ​No Recurring Fees Ever
  • Make Your Perfect Template every time In Just 4 Easy Steps
  • PLUS: Add CTAs, Lower Thirds GIFs & 3D Images To Your LeadBuster Videos
  • ​PLUS: Automatic Social Posting To Reach More People
  • ​PLUS: Instant Video & Audio Downloader To Increase Your Media Library
Exclusive Upgrade 3: Connect (Worth $147)

Ssssh! They’re Giving You EXCLUSIVE Early Access To Their Brand New Software That Has The Power To LeadBusterThan Your LeadBuster Campaigns Alone.

Boost Your Conversions From 2% To 40% & Get Hotter, Higher Value Leads By Turning Any Piece Of Static Content Into A Dynamic, Automated Phone-Call Lead-Gen System With Just One Click.

When You Combine Your LeadBuster Lead-Capture Videos With Your New Dynamic AUTOMATED Phone-Call Lead-Gen System – You Can’t Help But Multiply Your Conversions.

With this amazing future-proof upgrade, you will be able to 12X the power of your LeadBuster lead-capture, with the world’s most advanced appointment lead generation system on the planet.

Turn any piece of static content, any image, lead magnet and so much more into a dynamic phone call lead generation system in just #3 easy steps:

Step #1: Choose Your Content & Upload To The Connect System

Step #2: Your Viewers Click The Phone Number On Your (Apparently Static!) Content…And…

Step #3: BOOM! Your Viewer Calls You Right Away And You – Not Only Get The Hottest Leads Online Calling YOU – But You ALSO Capture Their Valuable Data Like Their Name, Number & Email Address AUTOMATICALLY.

Turning every static piece of content into an instant, automated lead builder with zero effort.

It literally couldn’t be easier.

With a drag n’ drop template builder with a whole host of ready-to-go interactive and animated Connect templates INCLUDED as standard.

You will be able to effortlessly turn any content from static to a live call lead builder – instantly.

With LeadBuster’s exclusive bundle offer, you get the complete package – tons more leads and sales – for less money and minimal effort.

– OTO2: LeadBuster Automation Suite ($97) (See Details)

Automation Suite is a powerful toolset that automates the flow of interaction with your customers via:

  • Voice Calls: Send personalized calls via web interface or API.
  • Drips Flows: Boost your conversions by automating the flow of interaction with your customers.
  • SMS Text: Receive and Send personalized transactional and promotional SMS.
  • Email Campaigns: Send marketing and transactional emails via our interface or API.
  1. Reactive Retargeting & Custom Workflows
  2. Templates
  3. Integrated Rewards, Incentives & Loyalty Systems
  4. Convert Your Email List Into EVEN HOTTER SMS Leads
  5. Shipping, Account & Membership Capabilities
  1. Set Sending Speed
  2. Smart SMS Retargeting
  3. SMS Personalization
  4. SMS Success Tracking
  5. SMS Message Rotator
  6. SMS Smart URL Shortener
  7. Superb Customer Service Starts With SMS Chat
  8. 2-Way Automatic SMS
  9. Money Loves Speed & Organization
  10. Other Awesome SMS Benefits
  1. IVR + Call Transfers
  2. Multiple Languages And Voices
  3. Concurrent Call Sessions
  4. Automatic Call Backs
  5. Easy Success Tracking
  6. Audio Message Maximizers
  7. Voice Scheduling

– OTO3: LeadBuster Creation Suite ($67) (See Details)

Expertly Designed Base Videos

Simply use their professionally filmed, bespoke base videos as a starting point for your template creation.

Just put in a keyword of the kind of base video you’d like to find – there’s something for your every need, every niche every time.

Pure high-quality footage is designed and curated by their expert in-house design team.

With over 250+ base videos to start with and expanding all the time, you’ll never run out of videos you can make.

This means limitless lead-capture videos, limitless videos for your clients, limitless profits for you.

Crafted To Convert Niche Scripts

With so many to choose from, you’ll always find a perfectly written script direct from their conversion copywriters to perfectly suit your needs.

Simply use their already high-converting video scripts to bring leads directly to your CTA and increase your conversions for you or your clients.

Awesome Royalty Free Audios

As we all know, music can stir up the perfect emotion every time.

When you listen through previews of their specially selected audio tracks – you will instantly know which one is going to create the perfect atmosphere for your video.

That perfect track that is going to get your prospect motivated, engaged and persuade them over the edge to click, sign up, and buy.

Conversion-Crushing Lower Thirds And Eye-Catching CTAs

Make your personalized message shine EVEN clearer with professional-grade lower thirds.

With both animated and non-animated lower thirds, CTAs, and combo elements, you can attract your visitors’ attention to exactly the right place at exactly the right point in your video to encourage them to take action, sign up, buy something or share your video!

So catch more eyes and more sales, shares, and sign-ups with authority building lower thirds and CTAs that don’t just look pretty – but sell like the midnight showing of the latest Star Wars movie too.

Share & Achieve Social Success With Socializer – Social Media Posting

Make It Easy To Go Viral With Facebook & Linked-In Social Integration And Get Ready For More Likes, Comments And Shares Than Any Other Lead-Capture or Video Ad You’ve Ever Posted.

LeadBuster’s lead capture videos are so groundbreaking, so new and so eye-catching – they can easily become viral sensations. People love to share them just as much as they love to fill them in.

The Guardian states: “Engage viewers and they will share your videos with others. They will spend longer on your website and more time interacting with your brand.”

And there’s no better way to super-surge your engagement – Pop a LeadBuster video on your social media, store or website and try NOT getting noticed!

Downloader – Video & Audio Downloader

Be able to add to your media library in an instant with your included video and audio downloader.

Pixabay & Pexels Videos Integration

Never have to pay for another video clip ever again. Getting good quality images can cost you upwards of $100 per video clip.

With both Pixabay & Pexels integrated into your copy of LeadBuster, you’ll always be able to find the perfect video clip for any need in any niche.

And the best bit – they’re always FREE!

Pixabay & Pexels Integration

Same as above, this time with images. Save yourself $50 every time you need an image – and get an endless supply, for free in any niche!

Animated 3D Scenes & 1000’s of 3D Images

We know getting a new lead means $$$. So get a dopamine-inducing notification the very instant that someone new signs up to your list!

Giphy Integration

Everyone loves a GIF. And when you can add GIFs to your lead capture, you really draw eyes & the Instagram generation to your videos!

With a GIF for every occasion, you’ll find the perfect eye-catching animation to summarise your message.

PREMIUM Play Buttons & Graphics

Persuade even the laziest viewer to watch your lead capture videos with 15 PREMIUM Video Play Button Icons and 15 PREMIUM ‘Click Here To Play’ Graphics.

Although considered little things and consistently overlooked, these elements are mostly the deciding factor when it comes to engagement rates.

The ones you’ll find unlocked with this upgrade are some of the best-performing engagement elements that they have developed and used for their own videos.

– OTO4: LeadBuster Connect System ($97) (See Details)

Build & Collect Call Leads & Buyer’s Email Addresses On Autopilot

Not only does Connect connect you directly with buyers, but it also helps you to AUTOMATICALLY collect valuable data on your leads.

When a buyer clicks on your Connect video, not only do you automatically get their number, you also get their email address and name too.

Get Notified On How Quickly You’re Building Your List

With Connect you’ll be notified every time someone is added to your list – so you can celebrate with a little ping!

Magic Link ReMixer – Takes Any Link & Turns It Into A Lead Getter

With Connect, you can turn any link into a “Connect” lead generation system

All DFY Animated Contact Templates

These help you craft amazing animated call-collecting videos in just a few clicks.

DFY Click-To-Call Forms

Choose from a ton of stunning styles and designs to make the most eye-catching, call-grabbing videos you can.

With clickable CTAs and attention-getting animations – you’ll be building your list quicker than you can count!

Connect To Thousands Of Other Tools

With Zapier integration, your Connect system will seamlessly work in tandem with thousands of other tools.

Special Bonus: Free (responsive & interactive) Connect Templates

Make responsive, interactive call-getting videos within just minutes with Connect!

Your Bonus Library is jam-packed with up-to-date templates ready to make 2022 your most successful year yet. Customize once — use always!


Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


I hope that my LeadBuster review can help you to make up your mind more accurately and quickly. If you have any questions leave a comment on the blog post to let me know. Thank you for reading. Good luck to you!

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