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Because of the internet, probably hundreds of millions of people are aware of mlm. They search for away to find financial freedom for themselves and their families. And finding the right company for you is a lot like sifting through a ton of sand to find the nuggets of gold. How can you tell whether a company is here to stay for the long term, or just another wannabe company which has good intentions but not the ability to weather economic storms and be a long term player.

Does the company have a history of being in business during good times and bad. In fact does the company have a history at all? If not you may be taking a risk of putting your eggs in a basket that may not be therein the long run. Liberty Health Net is a company based in Lyons GA, USA that sells nutritional products via a network marketing model of product distribution. While that’s a pretty simple statement it really masks the tremendous opportunity that the company holds outto you.

Does the management have significant long term experience specifically with the mlm industry? This industry is different from other retail and sales environments. Check the product line-up. Are the products viable? Are they effective? Do people want them apart from the business opportunity attached? (With LHN one of their flagship products was flying off the shelves when the fist scare of the swine flu surfaced? Why? It harnesses the power of garlic, which is naturally anti viral and anti bacterial – perhaps even more powerfully than sythetic drugs.)


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