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About 80% of folks with type 2 diabetes are obese. Sadly, overweight kids are now getting type 2 diabetes (which used to be only associated with adults). The goods news is that reducing your weight by 10lbs can reduce your risk of developing cancer by 30%. Reducing your weight aids in reducing blood glucose levels which improves the condition of diabetes by improving your sensitivity to insulin. The weight loss may be enough to free diabetics from needing to take medication.

Nearly 70% of the diagnosed cases of heart disease can be traced by to being overweight. A weight gain of 20lbs doubles your risk of heart disease. Reducing your weight by 5 to 10lbs can increase levels of HDL and decrease levels of LDL, which are substances related to the occurrence of heart disease. Being obese more than doubles your chances of developing high blood pressure. Stats show that over 70% of all obese folks have high blood pressure. Loosing 5-10lbs can produce significant benefits and may eliminate the need to take medications.

Being overweight increases the risk of getting this painful disease of degeneration of your bones and cartilage. Decreasing weight by 10-15lbs decreases the risk of developing arthritis by the time your reach the age of 50. Let’s face it, clean drinking water has long been a topic of debate. Initially and many years ago, the importance of purity was only speculation, but as technologies have improved and new research performed, experts have found that contaminations do not only exist, but they are also found in vast number in the very tap water we drink, which is very disturbing.
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