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Mellitox is a dietary complement advertised toward diabetics and pre-diabetics.

By taking the complement every day, you may purportedly repair ideal blood sugar degrees – even when you have kind 2 diabetes.

Is Mellitox but any other overhyped, overpriced diabetes complement? Or is that this a actual manner to assist healthful blood sugar degrees? Find out the whole lot you want to realize approximately Mellitox nowadays in our review.

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What is Mellitox?

Mellitox is a diabetes complement bought on-line thru

The complement claims to assist healthful blood sugar degrees for human beings with diabetes. By taking Mellitox every day, you may purportedly assist blood sugar lower back to a normal, healthful range.

According to a client testimonial on, one female diminished her blood sugar from a risky 498 to a healthful 117 after taking Mellitox. That female prevented her leg amputation with the aid of using taking Mellitox – all with out counting on the “shady practices” of pharmaceutical agencies and docs. additionally claims that the complement has helped the lives of over 184,000 kind 2 diabetics all around the world.

There’s no recognized treatment for diabetes. However, research display that diabetics can assist their circumstance the usage of prescription drugs, dieting, and exercising. appears to indicate otherwise, describing its “brilliant nutrient” formulation as a manner for all of us to “repair ideal blood sugar degrees” in a brief duration of time.

Clearly, believes withinside the strength of its complement – however let’s take a better examine how Mellitox works to look if it actually enables assist blood sugar.

The Story Behind Mellitox

At, you’ll study the tale of a person who watched his spouse, Lizzie, battle with diabetes and obesity.

Lizzie’s kind 2 diabetes have become so extreme that her health practitioner advocated amputating her leg. Lizzie almost died from her kind 2 diabetes.

Lizzie’s husband, James Miller, determined to assist. James is a 53-yr vintage ambulance driving force from Austin, Texas. He began out learning herbal remedies for diabetes. His seek took him all around the world, and he subsequently stumbled upon a Vietnamese village that had low charges of diabetes.

“…proper after I began out to lose any hope, God despatched me to a faraway Vietnamese village. I changed into amazed with the aid of using how welcoming its population have been. But what amazed me the maximum changed into how properly in form they have been, even the maximum aged ones.”

James tells a wild tale. He claims the world’s elites go to this village on an island in Vietnam. The village has anti-ageing effects. None of the villagers have kind 2 diabetes, and elites maintain the location mystery to suppress the treatment for diabetes:

“…as I were given to speak to the villagers, I regularly got here to recognize the whole lot. I discovered why the elites could handiest talk in quiet approximately this location as though they wouldn’t need too many human beings to realize. I understood why the villagers have been so pleased with their culinary culture, why none of them had kind 2 diabetes.”

To make a protracted tale brief, the villages in Vietnam advised James and his spouse to take diverse natural and plant extracts for diabetes. These Vietnamese villagers declare those herbs and flora assist them live healthful and keep away from diabetes.

James gave those herbs and flora to Lizzie and witnessed effective advantages:

  • Lizzie misplaced forty eight kilos of uncooked fat
  • Lizzie diminished her blood sugar from a risky 498 to a healthful 117
  • Lizzie supported her healthful heart, arteries, joints, and bone strength
  • Lizzie completed all of those advantages with out a unmarried go to to the health practitioner
  • Lizzie did now no longer food plan or exercising whatsoever, nor did she take the insulin remedy prescribed with the aid of using docs to deal with diabetes

James back to the United States, packaged the herbal elements into Mellitox, and sells the complement on-line to diabetics and pre-diabetics. He presented to pay the Vietnamese villagers $20,000 for the treatment, however they determined. Today, James sells the formulation on-line for around $70.

James and Lizzie Miller do now no longer declare to be scientific docs, naturopathic docs, or different fitness specialists. They declare to be regular folks who stumbled upon a manner to get rid of diabetes.

Obviously, it’d assist in case you have been skeptical any time a person claims to have found a herbal approach to a centuries-vintage problem. Let’s take a better examine what’s inner Mellitox and the way it works.

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How Does Mellitox Work?

Mellitox Reviews incorporates a mix of natural and plant extracts that purportedly assist blood sugar in diabetics and pre-diabetics.

The natural and plant extracts consist of adaptogens – herbal compounds that assist your frame’s protection towards bodily and intellectual stress. Traditional medicinal drug practitioners have used adaptogens for hundreds of years to alleviate anxiety in diverse ways.

In fact, Mellitox incorporates greater enjoyable herbs and adaptogens than we’d commonly discover in a diabetes complement. Based on numerous of the elements (which includes tremendous soothing herbs like chamomile), Mellitox looks like a aggregate among a snooze resource and a diabetes complement.

Here are all the elements in Mellitox and the way they paintings, in keeping with

Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha has “magnificent powers” in keeping with the Mellitox crew. It’s been proven to be “very powerful in decreasing blood sugar degrees,” in keeping with one examine stated on As an adaptogen, ashwagandha also can combat tension and enhance mind characteristic at the same time as supporting your frame control stress, amongst different advantages.

Chamomile: Chamomile extract also can lead to “substantially decrease blood glucose degrees,” in keeping with one examine stated with the aid of using Mellitox. Chamomile is commonly discovered in sleep aids for its enjoyable effects. However, Mellitox claims their chamomile extract can assist healthful blood sugar degrees at the same time as additionally helping ldl cholesterol, amongst different advantages.

Skullcap: Skullcap can purportedly enhance the interest of antioxidant enzymes withinside the liver at the same time as decreasing blood sugar degrees, in keeping with The business enterprise additionally cites one examine displaying skullcap diminished ldl cholesterol in human beings with kind 2 diabetes. Some research display skullcap affects GABA neurotransmitters, that may assist assist bodily and intellectual advantages during the frame.

Because of those 3 elements, Mellitox claims to be “the holy grail of kind 2 diabetes and fitness.”

All of those elements have been plentiful at the Vietnamese island noted above. The villagers took those 3 elements often to experience effective anti-ageing and anti-diabetic effects.

James and his spouse declare to have examined the formulation to discover the best attention of elements and dosages to make the complement paintings as advertised.

Mellitox Ingredients

Mellitox discloses confined records approximately its elements and dosages on-line. Although we realize the doses of a few nutrients and minerals in Mellitox, maximum of the formulation lies inside a proprietary combo.

We don’t realize the general dosage of that proprietary combo, nor will we realize the combo’s man or woman doses. Its viable Mellitox incorporates 10mg of formulation – or 1,000mg. You want to believe that the producer has used secure and powerful doses of all indexed elements.

In any case, the whole listing of elements includes:

Vitamins: Mellitox incorporates a full-size dose of more than one B nutrients, which includes diet B1, diet B2, niacin, diet B6, biotin, and pantothenic acid.

Minerals: Mellitox incorporates calcium, magnesium, zinc, and potassium. There’s much less than three% of your every day fee of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. However, Mellitox incorporates a full-size dose (114% DV) of zinc.

Proprietary Blend: Mellitox incorporates a proprietary combo with an unlisted dosage. The business enterprise discloses all elements inside that proprietary combo, despite the fact that we don’t realize the entire dosage or man or woman dosage. Ingredients consist of Rhodiola, lutein, ashwagandha, chamomile, GABA, lemon balm extract, skullcap, hawthorn, Bacopa, magnolia, passionflower, valerian, oat straw, mucuna pruriens, St. John’s Wart, hops, and Griffonia simplicifolia.

Other Ingredients: You can’t package the elements above collectively to create a complement. It could be satisfactory in case you had a tablet and additives to preserve the formulation collectively. However, Mellitox does now no longer reveal different elements upfront. We don’t realize if Mellitox is packaged inside a gelatin tablet or a vegetarian tablet. We don’t realize if it incorporates synthetic stimulants or preservatives – or herbal additives.

The loss of element transparency is unusual – specifically for a complement advertised toward diabetics. Dosing is important. Supplements with robust doses frequently need to put it on the market the ones doses. Given the dearth of transparency concerning its label, it appears not likely Mellitox has giant doses of any indexed elements.

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Scientific Evidence for Mellitox

Mellitox has now no longer finished any medical trials or clinical research to confirm its protection or efficacy.

However, the makers of Mellitox insist the formulation is absolutely secure and powerful for all of us to take. As noted above, Lizzie had a extreme case of kind 2 diabetes – handiest to opposite her circumstance and keep away from amputation with the aid of using taking Mellitox every day.

The makers of Mellitox additionally declare their formulation is established “Based at the tens of hundreds of a hit consequences we’ve seen.” Based on the ones consequences, they declare that “Mellitox is greater effective than any food plan withinside the world” for human beings with kind 2 diabetes. additionally claims, with out proof, that Lizzie and “over 184,000 different kind 2 diabetics from all corners of this planet” have taken Mellitox. These human beings had been capable of “get rid of all of the debilitating signs of diabetes” – frequently inside simply weeks of taking the formulation.

If Mellitox changed into capable of treatment diabetes, it’d be the most important scientific leap forward in decades. Typically, docs advocate dieting, exercising, and prescription remedy to control and opposite kind 2 diabetes. If Mellitox can offer comparable advantages withinside the shape of a complement, it’d be fundamental news.

Unfortunately, there’s no clinical proof helping any of the weird claims at the income page.

Most diabetes dietary supplements include elements like cinnamon extract. Cinnamon isn’t always established to opposite kind 2 diabetes, however a few research display it may assist blood sugar.

Other fruit extracts have proven comparable consequences.

  1. Or, a few human beings with diabetes have reversed their circumstance and kickstarted insulin manufacturing with the aid of using following a low-calorie food plan for an prolonged duration. One examine confirmed that ingesting six hundred energy in keeping with day for six months efficiently reversed kind 2 diabetes.
  2. Unfortunately, Mellitox does now no longer include cinnamon extract or different diabetes complement elements. Instead, the complement incorporates unlisted dosages of enjoyable herbs and plant extracts, which includes chamomile and Rhodiola rosea. These herbs might also additionally assist you nod off and protect towards stress, however there’s 0 proof they effect diabetes.
  3. As WebMD explains, a few naturopaths advocate taking Rhodiola rosea extract to defend cells from damage, adjust heartbeat, and assist blood sugar. However, there’s inadequate proof linking Rhodiola rosea to diabetes advantages. Nevertheless, this 2014 examine done with the aid of using researchers in China connected Rhodiola rosea extract to “antihyperglycemic action” after locating Rhodiola rosea diminished blood sugar in diabetic rats. That examine changed into carried out on rats – now no longer humans – and used a miles exceptional dose than what we see in Mellitox.
  4. Overall, there’s no proof helping any of the claims made at the income page, and there’s no evidence Mellitox Reviews can assist diabetics control or opposite their circumstance in any manner.

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Mellitox Pricing

Mellitox is priced at $forty nine to $sixty nine in keeping with bottle, relying at the variety of bottles you order. Here’s how pricing breaks down:


  • 1 Bottle: $sixty nine + $9.ninety five Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $177 + Free US Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $294 + Free US Shipping

Each bottle incorporates 30 capsules. You take one tablet in keeping with day to opposite diabetes.

Mellitox claims docs advocate their 6 bottle package deal. However, it’s uncertain which scientific docs advocate the usage of Mellitox to deal with or treatment diabetes – if any.

Mellitox Refund Policy

A 60-day refund coverage backs Mellitox Reviews. You can request a whole refund inside 60 days of your unique buy date.

If Mellitox does now no longer opposite your diabetes, get rid of your dependence on insulin, or assist your circumstance in any manner inside 60 days, then you definitely are entitled to a whole refund.

  • Returns Address: 37 Inverness Drive E Ste 100, Englewood, CO 80112

Who Created Mellitox?

Mellitox changed into created with the aid of using a husband and spouse crew named James and Lizzie Miller. Lizzie claims she used the elements in Mellitox to drop her blood sugar from 498 to 117 at the same time as additionally dropping forty eight kilos of fat. Lizzie claims she not reviews any signs of kind 2 diabetes after taking Mellitox.

James and Lizzie determined to package deal the elements as a complement and promote it on-line after her success.

Unfortunately, there’s no proof that James and Lizzie exist, and we can’t confirm Lizzie’s claims of defeating her diabetes with Mellitox.

We don’t realize in which Mellitox is made, despite the fact that the business enterprise claims to make it in an FDA-registered, GMP-licensed facility. We additionally don’t realize in which elements are sourced.

You can touch the makers of Mellitox thru the following:

  • Email:
  • Email Form:

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Final Word Mellitox For Diabetes

Mellitox markets itself on-line as “the final anti-kind 2 diabetes formulation.” Customers quoted at the Mellitox internet site declare to have reversed kind 2 diabetes totally after taking the formulation.

Unfortunately, there’s no proof Mellitox is secure or powerful for diabetics to take. The complement appears to include low doses of adaptogen elements – now no longer diabetes complement elements. The business enterprise additionally does now no longer reveal dosage records upfront, making it not possible to examine Mellitox to different, greater established diabetes dietary supplements.


However, Mellitox is sponsored with the aid of using a 60-day refund coverage. If you don’t opposite your kind 2 diabetes and get rid of all kind 2 diabetes signs inside 60 days of your buy, then you definitely are entitled to a whole refund.

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