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The cold and snowy days of January are the best time of year for Movies viewing with the kiddos. Enjoy some fun outdoor activities together, then curl up on the couch with hot cocoa and enjoy one of these picks.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic began in Illinois back in 2020 and even now, it’s still hard for us not have coronavirus on our minds. As parents, there are so many changes that happened in our lives since then, from keeping our family and others safe by staying home or assisting remote learning with our children.

Back in March 2020, we created this guide to navigate parents during this pandemic. While more and more individuals are getting vaccinated, we still worry about our children under the age of 12 that do not qualify for the vaccine yet. This updated guide below will keep you up-to-date with the latest COVID-19 information.

Here is what Chicago parents need to know about the coronavirus pandemic, including prevention tips, remote learning, family-safe activities and ways to help. Stay safe!

Movies & Shows to look forward to this week on leading streaming platforms

Here are some interesting projects in the form of films and shows to be looking forward to multiple streaming platforms.

With the new year comes new movies releasing on a variety of streaming platforms. To help you sift through the plethora of titles, we’re giving you our top picks, along with the performances to note in each. Keep reading for four new films that you may just want to add to your watchlist.

The 2022 Box Office, The Great Theatrical-Streaming & Movies Day

Before the pandemic, if there was something studio executives rubbed their hands about, it was the near total eclipse of the theatrical window.

As theaters seem to be shutting down again and the new year having just begun, it seems everyone will have to be resorting back to streaming platforms to watch content. And on that note, here are some interesting projects in the form of films and shows to be looking forward to multiple streaming platforms.

In 2021, for some studios that dream came true, and as far as 2022 goes, hopefully they’ve learned their lesson from this nightmare that, in Deadline’s annual survey, shows largely diluted box office grosses and lackluster home viewership for major studio theatrical day-and-date movies.

We’ve assembled the best data out there on the 30-day home viewership of these movies from third party data corp Samba TV and juxtaposed them next to their domestic box office results since the simultaneous release of movies on streaming has been predominantly a U.S. experiment. Thirty days essentially is the amount of time that WarnerMedia, the biggest practitioner of the smartstream21net, made their theatrical movies available in homes at the same time before segueing them to cinemas exclusively.

It’s a new month & years! And you know what that means: It’s time to go through another round of some of the best movies on enormous catalog — from some classics to new offerings — to figure out what you’re watching this month in January.

These are all for the month of January 2022, and note that all of these movies are on Smartstream21 already, unless they are noted with an arrival date.

Also make sure to check out some other lists of ours to see other recommendations we have for shows and movies to watch and streaming to play:

Eternals streaming

No time to die streaming

Dune streaming

Venom la furia di carnage streaming

As the world’s biggest movie star, it’s hardly a shock to discover that fans have been spending their weekend watching movies featuring Dwayne Johnson, but it’s still impressive that his reach covers multiple platforms.

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