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Prima Kapseln Anyone who has a few pounds too much on their hips knows this – the bacon rolls are stubborn and the pounds don’t want to go away. It is therefore not surprising that more and more people who want to lose weight are turning to weight loss products. The Prima Kapseln are a new product that is supposed to melt the pounds. Is it really like that? We investigated this question.

What are Prima Kapseln?

These capsules are a dietary supplement that is supposed to accelerate fat burning with the help of natural combinations of active ingredients. The manufacturer promises that the Prima Kapseln should not only curb your appetite and reduce food intake, they should also suppress food cravings and thus facilitate the way to your desired weight Prima Kapseln.

For whom would it be useful?
This natural dietary supplement is suitable for adults of all ages who want to lose weight. No change in diet is necessary. The capsules ensure that the feeling of fullness sets in faster and you eat less, the burning of fat is stimulated and the figure comes back into shape.

Practical test – We subjected Prima Kapseln to a test

During our research, we not only read the manufacturer’s product information, but also evaluated a large number of experience reports. That fueled our curiosity and we wanted to know what the Prima Kapseln can really do. Can you lose weight with the help of this preparation? This question can best be answered in a self-test and we were looking for a test person.

Great capsules in the test – we checked the effect

We wanted to know how well these weight loss capsules work and whether they can really help with weight loss. Therefore, we were looking for testers who want to reduce their weight – our reader Yannik made himself available. Yannik is 32 years old, 1.80 m tall and weighs 89 kg. Although he has been exercising regularly, a few pimples have formed lately that he would like to get rid of. Before the test began, he came to our editorial office to discuss the process.

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He promised to follow the manufacturer’s dosage instructions exactly. Since the capsules are not available in brick-and-mortar stores, we conveniently ordered them for Yannik on the Internet. After two days our package arrived – the test could beginWeek 1: As recommended by the manufacturer, Yannik took one Prima capsule daily. So that the fat burner can work optimally, Yannik took the capsule with plenty of water. The tasteless capsules are easy to swallow.
Week 2: At the end of the second week of testing, we called Yannik and wanted to know how he was feeling. He tolerates the fat burner, there are no side effects. As early as the second week he noticed that his eating behavior was changing and his portions were getting smaller. So far, he has lost 1.8 kg without starving or exercising Prima Kapseln.

Week 3: Even after the third week, Yannik was able to confirm another weight loss. In total, he had lost 2.9 kg in the three weeks and feels fit and vital. In contrast to other diets, he did not have to go hungry and was not in a bad mood – on the contrary, his mood was very good because he did not have to go without anything.Week 4: Our test ends after four weeks and we asked Yannik to come back to the editorial office. At first glance we could see that he had lost weight. Overall, he was able to reduce his weight by 4.1 kg. What he especially liked besides the weight loss – he had no food cravings and could easily do without the afternoon snack. He was very satisfied with the result achieved and will continue to take the slimming capsules because he has not yet quite reached his desired Prima Kapseln weight. Still, it is a straightforward way for him to lose weight faster and the fat burner is a definite win for him. He also felt healthy and balanced.

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Is there an effective alternative?
As our tester Yannik proves so impressively, you can reduce your weight with the help of the Prima Kapseln and declare war on unnecessary kilos. However, and we do not want to hide that, the Prima Kapseln are not exactly cheap. Looking for a cheaper alternative found the ICG fat burner in the baaboo online shop.

The dietary supplement contains the same active ingredient, Garcinia Cambogia extract, that is also contained in the Prima Kapseln. Here, too, numerous customer reviews prove that you can use these capsules to reduce your weight sustainably. These products are significantly cheaper and just as effective.

Comparative product
great capsules tablets pack of icg fatburner capsules can
Product Prima Kapseln ICG fat burner
Effect ✓ Increases the feeling of satiety ✓ Boosts fat metabolism ✓ With Garcinia Cambogia ✓ To support a diet ✓ Boosts fat burning ✓ With Garcinia Camb
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