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“What Kind of Videos Can I Create?”

Unleash Your Creativity & Build Unique Pattern Interrupt 3D Sketch Animated Videos Without Skills or Experience.

According to a new study from Microsoft Corp., the average attention span of an adult is just eight seconds. If you are not grabbing the attention of your viewer in that short time span you are missing out on the sale.

First-to-Market 3D Sketch Animated Videos are irresistibly engaging and hold the attention better than any other video format to turn viewers into traffic, leads and sales!

SketchGenius packs first-to-market technologies and features that will help you dominate any niche you enter and create videos in all popular languages to stay lightyears ahead of your competition.

For the first time ever, you can now transform boring static photos into visually captivating 3D drawings and sketch animated videos in various colors, sketch styles and backgrounds within minutes using Artificial Intelligence…

SketchGenius features revolutionary first-to-market 3D Sketch Animation technology and Next-gen Artificial Intelligence to create UNLIMITED pixel-perfect sketch animated videos that you cannot make with any other app.

Create unique videos and stand out from the competition with numerous UNIQUE sketch video styles and themes including:

3D Crayon Sketch
Charcoal Sketch
Animated Sketch Notebook
Chalkboard Sketch
Animated Flipbook Sketch
Black & White Pencil Drawing
3D Color Pencil Sketch
Easy animation software to make whiteboard videos fast From an idea to a full storyboard, use SketchGenius to create show-stopping 2D animations, video presentations and more… The possibilities are endless!

Sketch Genius is a new Whiteboard Video Maker that works on any Browser connected to the Internet (Chrome, Firefox, Safari…) allowing you to create amazing Explainer Videos in Minutes and all is done on the Cloud!

Here’s what you will get today:

Online Access: 1 Account
Create 5 Sketch Videos per hour
Store 20 Sketch Videos
Access 144 SVG Characters
Access 200 Animated SVG Images
Access 10 Backgrounds
Access 10 Music Tracks
Upload own Images/Music (100mb)
1 Year Support and Upgrades
30 Day Money Back
Now you can Introduce your products or services to the audience with an efficient whiteboard animation video. Use the extensive selection of editable templates to create an unforgettable animated whiteboard video online and make your message break through the noise.

Give an unexpected twist to your story with a stunning whiteboard animation video. Take full advantage of our cloud-based video creation tools and templates and craft your animated whiteboard video in a blink.

The app is powered by next-gen Artificial Intelligence that is far superior than anything you have seen before! Plus, unlike other apps you can create unlimited ULTRA LONG video presentations without any monthly fees. Nothing like this is available anywhere at any price!

So Don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this SketchGenius Review as I’ll reveal all the details about it!

Unlock Cutting-Edge Features & Technologies Inside One Dashboard… For A Low ONE-TIME Price!

World’s First Photo-To-Sketch Video Maker: Turn any photo into ultra-detailed 3D sketch drawings & animated videos.
Powered By Artificial Intelligence: Let the AI turn your text into beautiful scenes and detect colours in your photos for a perfect sketch!
Speech-To-Text Transcription: Personalize videos with your own branding, images and texts.
Never Seen Before Sketch Themes: Create Oil Painting, Sketch Book, Sketch Logo Reveal, Crayon Sketch, Blue Board & Black & White videos with ease.
Male and Female Hands: Draw using a wide variety of hand styles from various ethnicities for ultra-realistic sketch animations to represent your band.
Flexible Timeline Editor: Customize and edit your videos with ease and make long-length sketch videos.
1-Click Translation: Attract global audiences with multi-lingual videos.
Life-like Text-To-Speech: Choose from hundreds of male and female voices and accents.
Millions of Royalty-Free Images: Create unique videos in all topics with a huge library of images.
Subtitles & Captions Maker: Easily add subtitles & captions to your videos to boost engagement and sales!
Built-In Music Library: Select from hundreds of music tracks.
Background Removal: Remove unwanted backgrounds in 1-click and create sketch videos!
Step-by-Step Training: Cut your learning curve and get results fast.
Commercial License: Sell videos to clients or as a freelancer for profit!
Unlimited Usage Forever: No limits, restrictions or monthly fees.
Let’s take a look at the details!

Sketch Genius on the Cloud ($47 Original Pricing – PRO Version)
The application that works on your browser and creates amazing Whiteboard Explainer Videos in Minutes.

199 Animated SVG Images ($300 Value)
You are gettting 100 Animated SVG images to use on your SketchGenius Video Projects.

50 SVG Characters ($1440 Value)
You are gettting 144 SVG Characters in different niches to use on your Sketch Genius Video Projects. And many more characters in many niches: Airplane Pilot Character, Business Character, Painter Character…

10 Music Tracks ($80 Value)
You are getting 10 Intro Music Tracks to use on your SketchGenius Video Projects (Average 3 mins/each).

Here are the key features of the product:

Add the included Images or your OWN images
The creators have included several images for you to choose from, starting from animated SVG images to nice looking characters from different niches. You just need to browse the included categories and choose the one that fits your niche.

Plus, they’ve added the option to upload your own images or logos (Only on PRO accounts), so you can personalize your videos even more. You just click on the upload button, upload your images and then they will remain stored on the server (limited MB per account)

Add Text
Adding text to your explainer videos is more easy then ever, you just write your text, click the add button and the text will be added to the preview (and later on your explainer video). As Easy as that!

You can personalize your text by changing the font type, font size and font color! Plus the text is synchronized with the audio of your videos so if we add the hand writing effect (included) your videos will look amazing!

Add the included backgrounds or add your OWN Backgrounds
They’ve included some nice backgrounds for you to choose from, there are some nice backgrounds but of course you will have the option to get even more backgrounds (optional).

You just need to go to the background’s tab and scroll down to be able to see all the available backgrounds!

Add Background Music Tracks (Included or your own)
Sketch Genius comes with a few music tracks to add to your videos (around 3 mins each), but you could have the option to upload your own music too.

You’ll have the option to get monthly music tracks (optional).

Add Text To Speech* (optional), Add Your Own Audio File or Record Your Voice
Sketch Genius comes with several Human-like Text To Speech voices to add to your videos (optional).

You’ll have the option to record your own voice using your OWN microphone* or just upload SHORT audio files* to create your videos. *PRO PLUS Accounts Only)

Preview an Slide or All your Animation (Change hands too!)
You can preview your video before rendering it. You can preview each slide or all your animation on the preview canvas.

Plus you can change the hands used, even the pens/pencils the hand uses to simulated the writing text could be changed!

Slide Effects, Quota, Download Your Videos!
They’ve included the option to use some slides effects, even a random effect is included to allow you to give your videos a more professional look!

Inside your profile’s page you will be able to see your personal details and your Quota per day! We’ve added a unique page to allow you to access all the videos you have created, you can just download them by clicking on the download button.

Updated frequently
Once you own Sketch Genius, we work extremely hard to release weekly software updates with brand new features that we come up with, as well as requests that our brilliant Sketch Genius community submits.

We’re continuously updating Sketch Genius with bigger and better features and functionality. Based on the daily feedback we get from our private Sketch Genius Facebook group, we’re constantly releasing updates to Sketch Genius with additional features.

Unlike others who rarely update their software, we typically release 1 big software update every single week with something new and cool. And you’ll get every update, absolutely free of charge!

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Why use Photo-To-Sketch Video videos?

If you are looking for a way to let your story unfold in an inviting and fun-to-watch way, Photo-To-Sketch Videos may be a perfect choice. As a method to share your message, whiteboard animations stand out for being simple, yet welcoming and effective.

Here are a few benefits of whiteboard videos proving that this medium can be a powerful promotional tool for your brand or project.

Explain complex ideas easily: Photo-To-Sketch Videos are an effective way to share even the most complex idea, by reducing it to bite-sized chunks. Interactive visuals, combined with a catchy tune or audio explanation, will help your audience to grasp your message comfortably.
Engage the viewers: A high-quality Photo-To-Sketch Video will make for an interactive visual experience for your audience. A combination of engaging visuals, motion, and carefully picked tunes will engage the viewers and make them stick with the video.
Persuade your audience: The engaging and intriguing nature of whiteboard animations makes them a powerful tool if you are looking to persuade your audience to take action.
Sketch Genius is so easy to use, you just open your browser, login and start creating amazing videos! As easy as that. You have the option to add your own images, write your own text, add backgrounds, add Human Like Text to Speech voices (optional), and much more!

Drag and drop easy to use Sketch Genius software makes it very easy to create drawing videos. Very simple but creates a nice look. I like the options of different hand styles and different backgrounds from chalkboard to a glass look.

I always get compliments on my Sketch Genius presentations–that it’s different and more engaging. There’s action, but it’s nothing too fast and nothing questionable.

Sketch Genius provides the means to bring about a difference to explaining concepts and ideas and breaths in mystery and fun into videos. The drawing process captivates and engages keeping viewers absorbed with each line drawn, while they anticipate the finished product. I appreciate the ease in technology to make a video and the high quality results

I also value that items can be uploaded into Sketch Genius providing me with the ability to personalize and brand my video as required. The Reveal Path functionality is the cherry on top providing the means to teach Sketch Genius how to draw my personalized images as if they came packaged within Sketch Genius itself.

Sketch Genius is easy to learn with a host of online tutorials to follow getting one fast into churning out great results. The intuitive interface is very helpful. I work with my tech interns on projects, and it’s easy for any of us to pick up where the other left off.

The content library is filled with resources, plus there’s the ability to import your own images. The final product is very engaging and an effective means of delivering content.

It’s more calming and soothing as you watch the pictures come together. Also, there are a lot of templates to use to create a presentation. Sketch Genius also has a lot of training created to support successful use.

Let’s take a minute to recap the huge benefits come up with:

Use it when you are online
Forget about downloading huge files, installing bulky software, getting installation errors or lack of space. Now with the new Sketch Genius you just open your Browser (Chrome, Firefox…) login and done; then you can start creating amazing Explainer Doodle Videos!

Create Videos With Different Formats and Dimensions
We understand that you might want to create videos with different sizes/dimensions, that’s why we developed Sketch Genius in a way that will allow you to choose your favorite video format 16:9 or 1:1* (for social media) or your favorite dimensions, 1920×1080*, 1280×720*, 640×360 – *PRO PLUS Accounts Only)

Easy to use!
Yes, it is so easy to use! You just choose or drag and drop your favorite images or add some text to the canvas preview and then preview it before creating your video. That’s it!

Keep a few Videos Online or Download them
Once you crate a video, your video is stored on the cloud, then you will have the option to download it, keep it stored online (limited space) or delete it. So you can always keep track of your ‘Master Pieces’

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