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Their team developed an application that PAYS me $154.09/hour in pure profit for getting people to tap and swipe on their cell phones. Yup, as crazy as it sounds, it’s real. It gets even better. As Long As People Are Swiping, They Are Getting PAID. Here’s how easy this is. All they have to do is find people, and get them to SWIPE or TAP on their phones. The more they do this, the more money they make. Even If Nobody Buys Anything, they STILL Make Money. This app is so powerful and different. That they still get paid, regardless if anyone buys anything from us. As long as people are swiping and tapping on their phones. They’re guaranteed to make money. It’s All Thanks To The Powerful “Swiping” Technology Built Inside. There have been new breakthroughs in artificial intelligence…

And they’ve built it directly inside this system. Which lets us turn other people’s swipes and taps into cold hard CASH. It’s all made possible with their swiping technology. And that’s one of the reasons why it works so well. All It Takes Is Just 3 Clicks. Thought this was going to be complicated? It’s the EXACT opposite. In fact, all it takes is only 3 clicks. Once we’ve activated Swipitz, it will begin exploiting XX websites. And turns people’s swipes and taps into cash. This has NEVER been accomplished before.
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