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PropellerAds was founded back in 2011 and at first it was known as the largest source of Popunder traffic (which it still is, by the way).

But the ad network differs from competitors in its continuous development.


After that, the Pop, Interstitial, Push Notification and then Native Ads (widgets) appeared – the latest advertising format.


Now it is one of the largest traffic sources known to almost every affiliate. PropellerAds reach is now more than 3 billion ad impressions per day and 350+ million push subscribers from 195 countries.

But are PropellerAds alternatives?


The answer is yes. Today I will present maybe the best alternative to PropellerAds, called PopunderSTAR.


What is PopunderSTAR?

PopunderSTAR is a premium pop-under ad network dedicated to improving the user experience and revenue for publishers and the perfect advertising environment for businesses and affiliate marketeers.

Because of how their JavaScript library works they mitigate 100% of the danger of having your pages demoted by search engines on any keyword.

The best part is that you don’t need minimum requirements to register. You only have to add a code on the page and you will start generating money.

You may be wondering how are the rates compared to PropellerAds?


I have to be honest and tell you that the rates are the same as at PropellerAds or even better.

For example, for traffic from the USA, Canada, Australia, and other Tier 1 countries, I saw a CPM rate of $10. These gains are influenced by the quality of the traffic. It can be higher but also lower.

How can you withdraw your money?


When you reach $10 you can request payment and in a maximum of 5 working days you will receive the money. You can receive the money in PayPal or by Bank transfer(minimum $500).

Why use PopunderSTAR and not another ad network?

The ads are safe and the support is exceptional.

You can contact them by email, Telegram and Skype and they will respond very quickly.


If you want to make money from your site PopunderSTAR is the best solution.

Winner: 1



Entry Frequency: one-time

Facebook required: no

Twitter required: no