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What is Text Chemistry? 

When it comes to relationships, many people turn to their mobile phones for constant communication. It is nothing new that some find their partners through text messages. So they start being text mates until they find themselves attracted to each other. Even in your current relationship, it is easier to be connected via text messages than other modes of communication. 

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Text Chemistry is a dating online program designed to make men fall head over heels to women. This unique program would make men feel totally obsessed with a woman.

It is an online program that teaches you all of those secrets to make sure that you’re doing the right things (and avoiding texting mistakes) to increase your chances of finding love in this digital age. It covers everything you could imagine, from deciphering confusing text messages to sending emojis, avoiding awkward requests for nudes and more. All of this is broken down into a three-part process that’s designed to provide you with the information you need to succeed, and the steps you need to turn your newfound knowledge into action. These parts are:

  • Part 1: The Rules for Texting
  • Part 2: What to Text Men to Attract and Win Them Over
  • Part 3: What to Text Him When…

With Text Chemistry you will…

  • Have specific texts that you can copy and paste into your phone to make a casual guy you’re seeing into your boyfriend.
  • Know fundamentals of witty and playful texting so that you can get off Bumble and score more real life dates.
  • Have a list of go-to texts that will get his attention if he’s growing distant.
  • Have a collection of responses that you can text your guy in various situations (such as when he sends you a dick pic, when he’s been ignoring your texts and when you’re dexting.
  • Visit Text Chemistry Official Website Now :

    Or Download Text Chemistry PDF & Maunal Here:

The Author of Text Chemistry

You would be surprised at how pretty the author of this sensational program is. A Canadian dating guru, Amy North is a best-selling author. She is currently based in Vancouver and her YouTube channel is one of those with thousands of subscribers.

A psychology graduate, North has a constantly growing number of clients. She is a relationship counselor. She offers one-on-one sessions about getting into a relationship, about keeping a relationship, and about breaking up. North believes that women should always be with the man of their dreams. Many women find that hard to achieve. Thus, it has become North’s mission, to help many women feel loved and be happy. 

If you want to hook your Mr. Right, then Amy North is the person to help you. With North, you are in good hands.

Who is Text Chemistry for?

Text Chemistry can help women who want to communicate better with men. In saying that, I think it’s most suitable for women who want to:

  • Flirt with a guy with the intention of turning him into your boyfriend
  • Make sure your boyfriend sees you as funny, interesting, and a “keeper.”
  • Turn things around with a boyfriend (or husband) who seems to be pulling away and losing interest
  • Rekindle things with an ex and get him chasing you again.

The women who won’t benefit as much from Text Chemistry are those who are in a happy relationship.If things are already fun and exciting, the texts you’ll learn from Amy North probably may be fun to use on him, but they won’t be essential.

Text Chemistry PDF is comprehensive and very practical  Amy North provides you the exact texts you need and the context in which to use them. Therefore, you’ll be armed with all you need to successfully capture a guy’s attention.Many women find it difficult to maintain a man’s attention over text. Men can struggle with women too, but generally men are easier to distract. We tend to like shiny new objects and, yes, shiny new women too.

Here, you won’t come across as ‘clingy’ or ‘needy’. You’ll come across as confident and playful and you’ll demand respect from him.

What Will You Learn From Text Chemistry?

Text Chemistry is entirely digital which means that nothing will be sent to your house but all information and products will be sent online. You also receive 24/7 access to content and read and watch the material on any device.

You can find all you need in the Text Chemistry by Amy North eBook and 13 HD video training lessons. The videos give you a visual explanation of what you need to do. Here’s an overview of what’s in the main ebook:

  • Part 1: The Rules of Texting: you’ll learn the mistakes women make when texting, the perfect text, how long to wait until you text him, and the difference between men and women’s text messages.
  • Part 2: What to Text a Man to Attract Him and Win Him: You’ll be given a range of dating and relationship scenarios and how to reply to each one accordingly.
  • Part 3: What to Text Him When…: something comes up, if he suddenly ghosts you – you’ll know exactly what to text in him during rough situations.
  • Visit Text Chemistry Official Website Now :

    Or Download Text Chemistry PDF & Maunal Here:

The Text Chemistry also gives three bonus PDF ebooks that cover material that doesn’t include in the main ebook. The three bonus ebooks are:

  • The Phone Game”: learn the foundation of male psychology and the science of what men can’t resist when it comes to the female voice. It doesn’t matter if you like your voice or not, you need to try the steps in this ebook. It works.
  • Why Men Leave”: this ebook is the second bonus of Text Chemistry by Amy North. You will learn why men pull back and how to prevent men from pulling away in the initial stages of the relationship and when serious moments in the relationship occur.
  • Quality Men on Tinder”: if you’re single, you’ll learn how to find quality men on dating apps which are stereotypically known as only hook up apps.

In addition, the main eBook has three different formats for desktop (pdf version), epub (mobile version), and Mobi (kindle version).

Exclusive Bonuses

If you have decided that you’d like to give Text Chemistry a try, consider purchasing it through this page. I have created some exclusive bonuses for you if you do.

The one thing I didn’t like about Text Chemistry is that it’s longwinded. In order to increase the value of the product and save you time, I created some special bonuses to give you when you purchase Amy’s product through me. Here’s what I’m offering:

Bonus #1 – Audio Files 

I have made audio recordings of the ebook for those of you who don’t like reading long e-books! That way you can just pop in some earbuds and learn all about texting communication while on the bus or driving to work.

Bonus #2 – Cliff Notes

The ebook is packed with tons of useful info. While this is great, it can be frustrating to go back and reference. To make things easier, I have condensed Amy’s 120-page book into a 30 page PDF that you can skim through.

This makes it super easy for you to reference the material over and over again. Especially if you are struggling to think of a text to send your man and you need a quick guide!

Instead of asking your friends for help, you can consult Amy’s tips with my cliff notes. It’s like having 2 dating coaches in your back pocket at all times!

The Verdict

Text Chemistry is like having a professional relationship coach in your pocket at all times. Not sure what to text? Pull up the program on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop whenever and wherever you are. You never have to send a cringe-worthy, potentially damaging text message again. More importantly, with the incredible tips provided to you in this three-part dating program, you can text the right things to find the right kind of love! And with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Give it a try for two months and see what kind of Prince Charming comes strutting into your text messages.

Visit Text Chemistry Official Website Now :

Or Download Text Chemistry PDF & Maunal Here:


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