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Car blog is the best truck bed cover for those looking to maximize security and durability without compromising style. Quickly fold up this lightweight hardcover in three steps, then lock it into place with their Auto Latch II system which will keep your truck safe from damage while you're hauling around all of your gear!

Tonneau Covers and Cab Guards occupy the top of your truck bed rail above stake holes, so installing it won't be a difficult task! All you need to do is follow our user-friendly tutorials available online or by contacting your local dealership. Unlike in previous models 925XX series, Tonneau cover doesn’t require any separate Hardware Kit for 50XXX/40XXX Series


2016 Chevy Silverado 1500 Heavy Duty | Tonneau Covers World

The 40XXX Tonneau Hardware Kits are created for Covers that attach to the inside rail of a truck’s bed rails. Designed to be partnered with covers such as Bak Industries Bak Flip (Revolver X2 and Rollback and Roll X), Access Vanish, Lorado, Undercover Flex – this series also includes everything necessary for install except the Frame.

The experienced team at understand that everyone values their cargo–whether it's children, pets, or packages. That is why they created a best hard tonneau cover made with aluminum panels and vinyl coated hinges to keep your items safe from any potential hazards on the road!

When you are out on the road with your hard truck bed cover, it is important to have a vehicle that gives off minimal sound. That's why we designed our product to reduce unwanted vibrations and excessive noises commonly found in most bed covers. We did this by incorporating flexible rubber seals, vinyl coated hinges, and reduced metal-on-metal contact which will give you a nice quiet ride even when driving up hills or over rough terrain.

2016 Chevy Silverado 1500 Tonneau Covers | Gator Covers

The hard truck bed cover is designed to reduce unwanted vibrations and excessive noises commonly found in most bed covers. The flexible rubber seals, vinyl coated hinges and reduced metal-on-metal contact allow for a nice ride with an added benefit of being seen rather than heard

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The low profile design of the truck bed cover makes it less than half an inch from your truck's OEM finish, making for a sleek and seamless look. The textured matte black surface blends seamlessly with any other covers you may have installed on your vehicle to protect against dirt or debris that might otherwise enter through gaps in the bumper edges around the tailgate opening. With water-shedding features such as waterproof hinges and reinforced vinyl coating designed specifically to prevent leaks from entering into our trucks' interior spaces, we can rest easy knowing there are no points where rainwater could seep its way inside!

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