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However, the application’s performance is impacted. Your manager asks you how to improve the performance and availability of the application. Which of the following AWS services would you recommend? AWS Global accelerator provides static IP addresses that are anycast in the AWS edge AWS Dumps network. Incoming traffic is distributed across endpoints in AWS regions. The performance and availability of the application are improved. Option A is incorrect: Because DataSync is a tool to automate the data transfer and does not help to improve the performance. Option B is incorrect: DynamoDB is not mentioned in this question. Option C is incorrect: Because AWS Lake Formation is used to manage a large amount of data in AWS which would not help in this situation. Option D is CORRECT: Check the AWS Global Accelerator use cases. The Global Accelerator service can improve both application performance and availability. AWS-SOLUTION-ARCHITECT-ASSOCIATE EXAM DUMPS PDF OfficialDumps AWS-Solution-Architect-Associate Exam Dumps PDF are designed with the help of real exam content by Amazon.

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