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TressAnew is a new hair supplement that seeks to help individuals overcome all hair loss-related problems. It’s a formula made using natural extracts, which promises to provide results within a short duration.

Look around you, and you will notice that today’s busy lifestyle has impacted the appearance of the people around you. Hair loss has become a serious issue affecting men and women of various ages.

Natural slow-growing hair and hair thinning are issues that we are all having to deal with. Increased hair loss has led to many individuals experiencing self-esteem issues, a factor that’s worsened by the fact that most hair remedies don’t appear to work.

TressAnew—What Is It?

The team behind this supplement describes it as a dietary supplement intended to assist with all hair loss-related issues. TressAnew is manufactured by Vita Balance in the United States. It has been formulated using natural ingredients.

It contains several nutrients and vitamins known to assist with natural and healthy hair growth. The supplement was initially launched under the name Folligen but underwent a name change in 2018 to help make it more unique.

It works by supporting the growth of strong and healthy hair, a feat it achieves by stimulating natural hair growth. The natural ingredients used to make it not only assists in enhancing hair growth but in nourishing the scalp as well.

Improved hair growth is accompanied by a natural shine and a better hair volume. The manufacturer is quick to note that while this supplement is ideal for boosting hair growth, results don’t appear overnight.

How TressAnew Works

TressAnew formula has been enriched with vitamins, minerals, and various other herbal extracts. All the ingredients used to make it are known to play a crucial role in natural hair growth.

The continued use of this supplement assists in slowing down the thinning process while encouraging natural hair growth. Note that this is not a prescription drug and can be used by any person who would like to boost hair growth.

Although this formula has been proven to work, it can’t stop thinning and hair loss overnight. When it does start working, it will support the natural growth of hair and nourish the health of your scalp.

Key Ingredients Used to Make TressAnew

Researching the ingredients used to make a supplement is the most thoughtful way to judge the effectiveness of each product. Understanding the ingredients used and how each works to reverse hair loss will enable you to determine whether a product is right for you or not.

Take your time to check the ingredient list to weigh the clinical benefits offered by each, and ensure you compare the list against other similar products. One thing that makes TressAnew unique is that its ingredients are all-natural.

Each ingredient used in this formula comes backed with detailed scientific evidence to showcase its impact on the hair growth process. The ingredients used in TressAnew include:

Folic Acid

Folic acid is among the main ingredients used in the TressAnew formulation. The component is also referred to as vitamin B9. The water-soluble folic acid happens to be a synthesized type of folate.

Folic Acid supports healthy cell growth. It’s what makes it an essential part of the supplement used in supporting increased hair growth. Hair loss and premature graying of hair is often associated with a lack of biotin and vitamin B12.

It’s a deficiency that commonly arises in people who follow a poor diet, practice poor lifestyle habits, or suffer from alkalosis and malabsorption disorder. Individuals suffering from folic acid or folate deficiency are highly likely to suffer from sudden hair loss.

An adequate intake of folic acid can result in better hair growth and delay the premature graying of hair.


Biotin is another ingredient used in TressAnew. Biotin, also known as vitamin H, plays an essential role in the health of your nails, skin, and hair. A biotin deficiency will cause individuals to experience a scaly red rash and increased hair loss.

A biotin deficiency is rare, as the biotin you get from your food is enough to provide the body with various health benefits. Biotin rich foods include:

    Egg yolk
    Whole grains

If you feel that the amount of biotin you are getting from your food isn’t enough, you can take TressAnew to help boost the available amounts.

TressAnew Pricing and Where to Buy

Since its release, TressAnew has gone ahead to receive all types of positive reviews from users across the United States. It’s what has led to many women opting to order multiple bottles at a time to ensure that they don’t miss out on the many benefits it has to offer.

TressAnew is only available for sale from the official website and comes in various packages. Below is a look at the available packages, including their prices.

    Starter Pack: 1 Bottle TressAnew, $49.95 + Small Shipping Fee
    Most Popular: 3 Bottles TressAnew, $39.95 per bottle + Small Shipping Fee
    Best Value: 6 Bottles TressAnew, $33 per bottle + Small Shipping Fee

Considering that the stocks are limited, the manufacturer recommends purchasing the six-bottle package to ensure you won’t miss out on the benefits it has to offer.

Additionally, every purchase made from the official website comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. It takes between five to seven bottles for the package to arrive. 

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