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What is “learning by doing”?

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This post prepared by authors from the online essay writing service will tell you about the innovative teaching-learning method “learning by doing”. Sounds interesting, so be sure to read on! 


What is “learning by doing”?

The list of teaching techniques is constantly expanding as there are multiple ways of acquiring updated knowledge through research and action.  

This technique has been around for a long time and is very effective because of its advantages – it is also known as experiential learning. This technique also was used by my teachers, who helped me write my paper at college.


Experiential learning

“Learning by doing” is the idea that we can learn more about something when performing that action.  

For example, to learn to play the guitar, some people wonder how it sounds and blends with other instruments. In this methodology, a basic understanding of how to play the device is provided, and the student is placed on a stage to play an improvised piece with other musicians. 

Another way of thinking about this approach is to consider it as a more active approach to something rather than passive learning.  


The central argument is that active participation provides deeper learning and that it is okay to make mistakes while learning.  


In recent years schools have adopted this technique because of its great benefits and we tell you about them below:


Benefits of “learning by doing.” 

It is more engaging and memorable.

It requires action on the part of the learner, who when forced into a situation where he/she to do what he/she needs to learn, it is easier to remember those things. Learning becomes relevant and meaningful. 


It is more personal.

Learning by doing offers a personal experience; it is a cycle of effort, mistakes, reflection, and refinement, a cycle made possible through personal emotions such as motivation and the realization of knowledge of a subject linked to one’s values and ideals. 


It is connected to the community.

Learning by doing involves the world at large, not just a room or a book. Thus, the whole city is the classroom, and with that, all kinds of things can be used to learn – roads, books, technologies, people etc.


It is more integrated into people’s lives.

This form of learning is deeply integrated into our lives because learners can apply what they learn in the classroom to answer the questions that interest them (the ones they consider vital to their own lives). It is forgettable if it cannot be linked to the personal aspects of the learner. Thus, experiential learning simplifies the application of knowledge.


It develops skills for success.

It encourages getting out of the comfort zone, discovering something new, and trying things for the first time; even if mistakes are made, this technique makes it easier not to be ashamed of it. Therefore, the student persists towards growth and development in a field; they experiment with their collaboration and team management skills, resulting in their personal and, ultimately, professional growth


These are just some of the benefits that this incredible teaching-learning method offers you; remember that it is essential to consider the facilities and educational offerings. It is also necessary to consider the ways of education applied. Good luck!


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