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But, HERE’S THE BIG PROBLEM Starting February 2022, If You Don’t Use MJML Technology In Your Email Marketing, Then You Won’t EVER Get Higher Clicks & Conversions, Period. Now here’s the thing. Customers receive millions of emails every year in there inbox. And if you printed them out and stacked them up, they’d reach all the way to Mars (probably). And ultimately, it results in an inbox avalanche that are packed with low-quality ads and sick sales pitches that bore users to death.

So, if you’re not getting customers hooked, then your chances of converting them into lifetime customers are about as remote as life on the red planet. Well, I feel sorry for those of you who are still unaware of this huge development in the email marketing arena. Don’t sit with a gloomy face; I’ll help you out. As per this recent email marketing update, using real videos inside your emails is the best way to get higher clicks & conversions & thus, be at par with the top market pros. However, if you don’t upgrade your email marketing autoresponder to latest MJML technology, then you’ll lose the best chance to insert videos inside your emails & boost your clicks, conversions & lose the chance to make the most from your email marketing efforts. I’m talking about VideoMails.
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