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Kovert is the system that Mark & others have been using for over 10 months to make up to 173.33 daily when they give 1 weird Google doc away for free.
Making Money Online Is Difficult. That’s not true… Making money online is as difficult, or as EASY as you want to make it. Even though. Most people still make it difficult. They make it difficult because they keep buying the same product. They continue doing what everyone else is doing, even when it clearly doesn’t work. They follow the wrong advice… or systems based on nothing more than theory. And like I said before… It’s not really not their fault, and if you’re doing the same then it’s not really your fault either. You’re just doing what everyone else is doing, and you’re doing what everyone says you need to do.
So… if what you’re doing right now isn’t working, Why would you continue doing the same thing? You Want To Make Money Online. And ANYONE CAN Do It. Even Complete Technophobe Construction Workers Like Me. It’s actually pretty easy when you know the Rules. Keeping everything simple is Rule #1. Very few people will tell you this, because if everyone knew the first rule, then they wouldn’t buy system after system, and product after product. Rule #2: You need something to sell, or a way in which you profit, ideally as a result of little to no ongoing effort.
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