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YT Marketer Overview

What Is YT Marketer Exactly?

YT Marketer is a new course by Chris Derenberger that’s helping new YouTubers get their channels monetized in an easy and quick way.
The course is divided into two parts, the first one deals with specific techniques that can get your YouTube channel monetized faster than most people. The 2nd part of the course focuses on ranking your videos above your competition so that you get more views and ultimately more money.

Part 1: YouTube Monetization Training

In this first section of the course, Chris Derenberger shares with you techniques for getting your YouTube channel monetized. He’ll show you the way to get lk subscribers & 4000 watch hours fast so that you can monetize your channel within Thirty days!

Part 2: Video Ranking Training

The 2nd part of the course focuses on ranking your videos above your competition so that you get more views & ultimately more money.
In this section of the course, Chris Derenberger will show you the way to rank videos in less than Twenty four hours and begin generating money through affiliate marketing.

The course is filled with content, tips, and tricks to help you shortcut getting your YouTube channel monetized & ranking your videos #1 on Google even if you’ve zero authority.
Also, you have 2 real-life case studies where you can see what’s going on with Chris Deerenberger’s channels. He shows you his own channels’ YouTube ad revenue & affiliate commissions using this method.
He’s also setting up a second brand-new YouTube channel from scratch and he’s proving to you that it’s possible to monetize a YouTube channel in as little as Thirty days.

YT Marketer By Chris Derenberger – The Course Plan

YT Marketer training course consists of two parts. First, you’ve Youtube monetization training, secondly, you’ve YouTube ranking training.

1. YouTube Monetization Training

YouTube Channel Setup: In this video you’ll learn the steps which will help you to setup your YouTube channel. A properly setup is going to help YouTube to understand about your channel.

Customizing Your Channel: This video shows you the way to customize your channel. The way to design logo, channel art by yourself and he is also showing you the way to outsource your YouTube design job.

Creating Videos: In this video Chris is showing you the way to create videos easily and quickly, what type of video content to consider, and he’s also revealing some tips on finding ideas for your next video.

Outsourcing Videos: In this video he is teaching the way to outsource videos, who to hire for your next video, and the way much you should pay them.

Gettting 4000 hours Watch Time: To get monetized by YouTube you need 4000 hours watch time or 1000 subscribers. Chris is sharing his strategies with you on the way to get 4000 hours within a couple of days.

Getting 1000 Subcribers: The way to get 1000 subscribers is another important factor for monetization. So in this video Chris has revealed the way to get 1000 subscribers easily and quickly.

2nd YouTube Channel: In this video Chris is setting up a whole new second YouTube channel & showing you all steps once again.

Updates: In this video he’s sharing his results of his channels.

Getting Approved: In this video you’ll see the way to get approved for monetization.

3 Week Results: After the monetization Chris will show you his results, how much he got paid and what’s going on with the his YouTube Channels.

Analytics & Ad Types: Learn about YouTube analytic tools. What type of ads appear on your channel and the way to select the best ones for you.

Recommended Niches: In this video you’ll see some of the high CPM (cost per mille) niches that pay any where from $10 to $150 per 1000 views. This is gold!

2. YouTube Ranking Training

Understanding YouTube: In this video Chris did his best to teach you the way YouTube ranking algorithm works such as what are all the factors that come into play when YouTube decides to rank your video on SERP, what type of videos are ranking well, the way to optimize for this algorithm etc.

Video optimization: In this video he’s showing you the way to optimize your videos, what types of tags to use, and the way to give the best title for SEO purposes.

Boost Your Rankings: In this video he’s teaching you how to boost your ranking within days by doing some easy steps.

Adding CTR: This is one of the most powerful strategy he reveals in the training. CTR means click through rate. He’s showing you the way to increase CTR very quickly and he’s also showing you the resources.

Case Study #2: Watch another real-life case study and it is results in live.


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